Former The Bachelor bachelorette Courtney Robertson has finally admitted she did have sex with ex-fiance Ben Flajnik in the ocean during the show's sixteenth season.

The infamous Robertson and Flajnik skinny-dip session went down in The Bachelor history as one of the most scandalous incidents ever broadcast on the series, but ever since the season aired more than two years ago, no one ever knew for sure whether things escalated to the point of sexual intercourse.

In her upcoming memoir, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends -- Confessions of a Reality Show Villain Courtney Robertson, the former reality TV star revealed she was desperate for affection from Flajnik and had the desire to "rock his world." She then came up with her self-described "epic, diabolical plot" to skinny-dip late at night and seduce the Bachelor.

"I think he was shocked and a little petrified. We grabbed some wine and headed down to the beach. This was the moment of truth. I wanted to make sure Ben was spontaneous and fun. I need to be honest here: I also wanted to check out the equipment. They say it's not the size of the boat; it's the motion of the ocean. But 'they' wouldn't have to spend the rest of their lives with a little dinghy. Know what I mean?" Robertson wrote in an advance copy of the memoir obtained by Reality TV World.

Robertson swam in the ocean fully-nude with Flajnik and said they went out into the water as far as they possibly could, ultimately forgetting the show's cameras had a zoom lens.

"So let's get to the good part. To answer your question, yes, Ben and I did have sex in the ocean. On-camera. It was immediate but it was only for about twenty seconds and, um, it was just the tip. We'd gone too deep (in the water, get your mind out of the gutter), and the current was so strong we couldn't get our footing. We kept getting pulled apart, and waves kept crashing on us and knocking us over," Robertson explained.

"Ben and I may have made sweet (succinct) love but we also took advantage of not being miked up and had a heartfelt, though brief, conversation that night in the ocean."

During that conversation, Flajnik had expressed how he thought about Robertson all the time and couldn't believe how strongly he was feeling about her so soon. Robertson had obviously been on the same page.

"We didn't want to get out of the water, but we couldn't stay in there forever. As we waded to the shore, I pointed at Ben's loins and joked, 'I could marry that!' After, in my ITM [in the moment interview], I wouldn't confirm or deny that we'd done the deed," she said.

"By the way, [Lindzi Cox] got the first rose during the ceremony, which was kind of a slap in the face, considering Ben had his penis inside of me less than twenty-four hours before. I cried the entire way to our next destination -- Panama."

However, Robertson made it clear her tears didn't derive from the fact Cox had gotten her rose first.

"Oh, I didn't cry because I was upset about Lindzi. I was in pain: my whole body -- including my vajayjay -- had been bitten by some sort of little water bugs or mosquitoes while I was cavorting in the water with Ben. I was having an allergic reaction, itching like crazy and covered in a huge rash," Robertson explained.

Once she got to Central America, she received a shot from a paramedic and some antihistamine pills, which she said left her "cured within twenty seconds."
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"After being sexually dormant for the last month, the skinny-dipping incident reignited my libido," Robertson noted.

During the season, Flajnik expressed how he had "shared a very intimate moment" with Robertson and felt "kind of crappy" about how it might make all the other girls feel. He later apologized to the bachelorettes in his People blog but justified his behavior by saying Robertson had every right to want to spend more time with him.

I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends -- Confessions of a Reality Show Villain Courtney Robertson will be released by HarperCollins on June 24 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.