A report that spoiled the ending of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman was correct... sort of.

Earlier this month when there were still three suitors vying for U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin's affection, The New York Post reported that eventual winner Tessa Horst allegedly spilled the beans herself over "a few drinks" that Baldwin proposes and she declines during Officer and a Gentleman's finale, but added "they are still very much together."

However while Baldwin's final rose did go to Horst and he did propose marriage, she didn't "decline" the proposal.  And during a Tuesday conference call with reporters, Horst insisted that she has no idea where the rumor came from.

"Yes, these rumors going around with The New York Post... I think that was an absolute fabrication," she said.  "I never spoke about the show in public, and [the rumor] wasn't even true!  It said that I turned down the proposal... and so we're moving past that."

The Post's spoiler may have been slightly off in predicting Officer and a Gentleman's finale, but ABC was right on when it spoiled the ending of The Bachelor's tenth installment.  During last week's ABC "upfront" presentation in which the network revealed its 2007-2008 primetime programming schedule to advertisers and reporters, the network reportedly presented a video montage that featured highlights of its current season programming.  Included in the video was a clip that showed Andy and Tessa kissing and embracing.

"And if you don't know what that means -- the embrace -- ignore it; but if you do, you're a very loyal ABC fan, and yes it was a spoiler. At least I assume it was. Sorry about that," The New York Times television critic Virginia Heffernan wrote in a blog entry about last week's ABC "upfront" presentation.