Syfy has announced it has ordered three new paranormal reality series -- Ghost Mine, Stranded and Notorious Hauntings.

"Each of these series takes a known and successful formula and turns it on its head," Syfy executive Mark Stern said in a statement.

"Whether it is eclectic gold miners in the midst of paranormal activity, paranormal enthusiasts self-documenting the most haunted locations in America, or investigators researching and examining history's most notorious criminals and legends in the world's most haunted locations, these shows celebrate imagination while further strengthening Syfy's successful reality brand."

Ghost Mine, which will air as six one-hour long episodes, will follow the new owner of one of the richest yet allegedly haunted gold mines in Oregon and his hired team of miners and paranormal investigators as they look for fortune in the mine that has been abandoned for 80 years after a series of tragedies occurred.  

Ghost Mine will premiere on Wednesday, January 16 at 10PM ET/PT and is being produced by 51 Minds with Mark Cronin, David Caplan and Jay Bluemke serving as executive producers.

Stranded will document an "unconventional and terrifying" paranormal and psychological experiment, according to the network. The six-episode series will feature self-recorded footage of paranormal enthusiasts who were "stranded" at one of the most haunted destinations in the United States in teams of three. In addition to the teams' hand-held cameras, security cameras will also tape each location's events.        

Stranded -- which is being produced by Ping Pong Productions and Blumhouse and executive produced by Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels, Josh Gates, and Jason Blum -- is set to premiere on Wednesday, February 27 at 10PM ET/PT.

The tentatively-titled Notorious Hauntings will chronicle a group of researchers as they investigate allegedly dangerous supernatural activity around the world. At each site, the researchers will look into the paranormal activity and history of individuals who had committed crimes and may be responsible for the current hauntings. The cases featured will include London's Jack the Ripper and Dracula in Slovakia and Romania.

The six-episode series, which is slated to debut in Spring 2013, is being produced by Pilgrim Studios with Craig Piligian and Mike Nichols serving as executive producers.