History has announced the sixth season of Swamp People will premiere Monday, February 2 at 9PM ET/PT.

In the new season, the swampers will push themselves to the limit by racing to find the single biggest local gator. The team to find it will receive a $10,000 bounty from a gator buyer and, per usual, bragging rights. The competition gets fierce and ignites some major trash-talking.

Swamp People star Troy Landry is obsessed with remaining King of the Swamp but will reunite with his old hunting partner Liz Cavalier to go after gators together. Junior and his wife Teresa adopt an orphaned otter named Oscar to raise at home and eventually release back to the swamp. Glenn Guist will teach Liz's two sons some of his swamp secrets -- like how to catch fish with homemade jug lines.

Set in southern Louisiana, the swampers will attempt to hunt and conquer some gators with names such as Pirate of the Bayou, Twister and Hercules.

The series' fifth season concluded in June 2014.

Swamp People is produced by Original Media with Daniel Laikind, Adam Briles and Wendy Greene serving as executive producers.