Survivor: Ghost Island's cast of castaways has officially been revealed.

CBS has announced the identities of the 20 new castaways who will be competing on Survivor: Ghost Island, Survivor's 36th season, when the show premieres with a two-hour episode on Wednesday, February 28 at 8PM ET/PT.

Survivor: Ghost Island will feature the 20 first-time players being divided into two tribes of 10 people.

This season's castaways include a social media strategist, an Army veteran, an emergency medical technician and former professional dancer, a Yale graduate, a male model, and a marine animal trainer.

"This is one of the biggest groups of Super Fans we've ever had. And that was by design, because we're doing a theme that requires you to really understand Survivor," longtime Survivor host Jeff Probst said in a promo video. "All it takes is one bad decision, and your game is gone."

In a new game twist, players might be sent to a separate "haunted island" filled with Survivor relics that were misplayed from the previous 35 seasons of the show.

"The question is: will these new players be able to learn from the past mistakes of others and 'reverse the curse,' or will the past come back to haunt them?" teases the network.

Showcasing the series' extensive history, Ghost Island will be filled with real hidden Immunity Idols and advantages from previous seasons of the game -- including Brazil, China, Africa and Australia -- and serve as a haunted graveyard of unfortunate choices made by former Survivor players.

"Survivor continues to be a complicated game of social politics and everything rests on one's ability to make the right decision at the right time," Jeff said in a statement.

"This season, Ghost Island serves as a constant reminder that one bad decision can haunt a player forever."

Survivor's next season will not air until both The Amazing Race and Celebrity Big Brother seasons come to an end.

Beginning on March 7, Survivor will move to its regular time slot of Wednesday nights from 8-9PM ET/PT.

Survivor: Ghost Island will take place in Fiji and continue to feature castaways attempting to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to win $1 million grand prize.
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"We have a lot of really likeable people," Jeff said in the promo. "And the other thing that really struck me is how many people are having a major life change?... They are actually really interesting, compelling, three-dimensional people who have stories they're trying to figure out in the jungle."

Survivor is produced by S.E.G. Holdco., LLC. In addition to Jeff, Mark Burnett also serves as an executive producer.

Below is the list of 20 castaways who will be competing on Survivor: Ghost Island this spring:

Naviti Tribe (Purple)

- Angela Perkins, a 42-year-old Army veteran from Cincinnati, OH

- Chelsea Townsend, a 24-year-old EMT from Salt Lake City, UT

- Desiree Afuye, a 21-year-old student from Newark, NJ

- Kellyn Bechtold, a 31-year-old career counselor from North Manchester, IN

- Morgan Ricke, a 29-year-old marine animal trainer from New Albany, IN

- Bradley Kleihege, a 26-year-old law student from Haslett, MI

- Chris Noble, a 27-year-old male model from Florida Keys, FL

- Domenick Abbate, a 38-year-old construction supervisor from Nesconset, NY

- Sebastian Noel, a 22-year-old fishing guide from Melbourne, FL

- Wendell Holland, a 33-year-old furniture designer from Philadelphia, PA

Malolo Tribe (Orange)

- Jenna Bowman, a 23-year-old account executive from Detroit, MI

- Laurel Johnson, a 29-year-old financial consultant from Philadelphia, PA

- Libby Vincek, a 24-year-old social media strategist from Houston, TX

- Stephanie Gonzalez, a 26-year-old in graphic sales from Ocala, FL

- Stephanie Johnson, a 34-year-old yoga instructor from Boise, ID

- Brendan Shapiro, a 41-year-old physical education teacher from Herndon, VA

- Donathan Hurley, a 26-year-old caretaker from Phelps, KY

- Jacob Derwin, a 22-year-old music teacher from Merrick, NY

- James Lim, a 24-year-old business analyst from Los Angeles, CA

- Michael Yerger, an 18-year-old real estate agent from Knoxville, TN