Survivor: Game Changers has fans at the edge of their seats anticipating some stellar gameplay and strategy.

Twenty veteran castaways will be returning for another chance at winning $1 million on Survivor: Game Changers, including some memorable players have already won before.

The franchise's 34th edition premieres Wednesday, March 8 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS. Survivor: Game Changers, filmed in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji in June and July 2016, will feature two tribes, Mana and Nuku, each comprised of 10 castaways.

"My definition of a game changer is people who are willing to make a move to try to change the game. We picked 20 people who love to play," Survivor host Jeff Probst says in a "meet the cast" video released by CBS.

"If I'm playing, the first person I'm going after is [Sandra Diaz-Twine] and [Cirie Fields]. They are too good! There is no way I'm letting you go deep. And if that happens, suddenly it's a bloodbath."

"The game has changed for me. I am no longer the gangster in the Oprah suit. I'm now a steel magnolia," says Cirie, who will be playing the game for the fourth time.

"Yes, everyone knows I'm the queen. A lot of them would like to knock me off a couple of notches, but it's not going to happen. My crown is my crown! It stays on my head," two-time winner Sandra says.

Many of the castaways have played more than once before, and their first appearances date all the way back to Season 2, Survivor: The Australian Outback, in 2001.

"The best thing to do is either slit the jugular or the Achilles heel, whichever one you expose first," joked Debbie Wanner from Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

"It's going to be the same circus, different clowns," points out Survivor Cagayan winner's Tony Vlachos. "I would love nothing more than to dethrone Sandra."

Kind-spirited Tai Trang, however, reveals he wants to keep the season "light" and "sing and dance a little more."

On the opposite side of that coin is Malcolm Freberg, who boasts in the CBS video, "I'm the most competitive human being on the planet. Excuse my ego, but I'm charming as hell! I'll stab you in the back, and you'll say thank you afterwards."
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The "Mana" Tribe will be comprised of Sandra, Tony, Malcolm, Jeff Varner, Michaela Bradshaw, Aubry Bracco, Ciera Eastin, Hali Ford, Caleb Reynolds, and Troyzan Robertson.

The "Nuku" Tribe will be made up of Tai, Debbie, Cirie, Andrea Boehlke, Brad Culpepper, Sierra Dawn Thomas, Sarah Lacina, Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth, Zeke Smith, and James "J.T." Thomas.

It's been a while since some of these Survivor castaways have played, so let's refresh your memory on who they are, their prior seasons and standings, and what they look like now!

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