James Clement's physically imposing physique has caused him to become quite the hot commodity as an alliance partner on Survivor: China.

But the 30-year-old Lafayette, LA-native's body has also apparently caught the attention of female Survivor fans, as People named Clement its "Sexy Man of the Week" in its November 12 issue.

"Talking to people is not very easy for me," Clement told People.  "I've got no game!  So if I like a girl, instead of saying a pickup line, I'll go stand by her and start to pose.  I can take my shirt off."

Clement currently works as a grave digger, and while it may sound morbid, it's helped him achieve his muscular body.

"I haven't worked out in six or seven months," he told People.  "My job forces me to be this way, so it's not bad for me to take the money instead of going to the gym!"

Working closely with the recently deceased also apparently helps Clement with his poor social skills.

"It's not a bad job - definitely a good conversation starter," he told People.  "It kind of freaks folks out at first, but then they get curious."

Clement is currently single, and somewhat surprisingly, he's often "not known for being the biggest guy" among his group of friends.

"I hang with football players," he explained to People.  "But after the alcohol kicks in, people start to squeeze me, guys and girls!  People like my arms."

The first thing Clement said he notices on "all women" is their stomach, and added that on dates, he's been known to "dance the night away."

"But it would also be cool to go home, hang out and drink some wine," he told People.

Clement said he's currently looking for a romantic relationship with a girl who's just as interesting as he's proven to be as a Survivor: China castaway.

"I had a girlfriend who was 5-foot, 2-inches, 100-pounds and used to help me dig graves," he told People.  "I like women who are still attractive when they are in a natural state and are not freaked out in those situations, but can keep a level head."
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.