Stephanie Rice was eliminated from The Voice during Tuesday night's live results broadcast on NBC, which determined the twelfth season's Top 10 artists.

Stephanie from Houston, TX, landed in the bottom two with Mark Isaiah from Mt. Pocono, PA, based on home viewer votes cast following Monday night's Top 11 performance show.

The results left Mark at the bottom of the pack two weeks in a row -- three weeks if The Voice viewers count his coach Adam Levine choosing to save him from the bottom three in the previous "The Live Playoffs" round.

After Stephanie and Mark both sang a survival song last night, America tweeted via the show's "Instant Save" format to keep Mark in the competition. Stephanie, who sang "Issues" by Julia Michaels, represented Alicia Keys' team in the live shows.

On Wednesday, Stephanie talked to Reality TV World about her The Voice elimination and working with Alicia Keys. Below is what she had to say.

Reality TV World: After the commercial break when viewers voted for the "Instant Save," you had this defeated look on your face and were kind of staring down at the stage. What was going through your mind? Because it looked like you already knew Mark had won the save before The Voice host Carson Daly announced it.

Stephanie Rice: Well, I knew Mark had a larger Twitter following than I did, and I also knew that Adam had a large fanbase since being on the show from the beginning. And I wouldn't say that I was feeling defeated in that moment, but I did feel like my emotions got the best of me in that performance. But I can't have any regrets about that, because that's the type of performer I have been and I will always be.

I was obviously feeling very emotional being in the bottom two, but I wasn't defeated. I was just not ready to go home, and I was apprehensive about what the outcome was going to be. And when they said [Mark]'s name, I had a moment of, "Oh, ouch!" And then I immediately began making peace with it.

Reality TV World: I just want to clarify something. Viewers obviously see an on-screen graphic of the voting results for the "Instant Save." Are The Voice contestants made aware of the votes pouring in at all during the show? Do you see or hear anything?

Stephanie Rice: No. No, we have no idea.

Reality TV World: How much of a role do you think Adam begging and pleading with home viewers to save Mark played in your elimination? In other words, do you think fans really voted based on the quality of the "Instant Save" performances or do you think it's huge to have Adam in your corner since he's so passionate and convincing?

Stephanie Rice: I think it's good to have Adam in your corner for many reasons. I mean, I think Alicia also had some amazing things to say about me, but Adam has been on the show since the beginning and he has a very large support or fanbase.

And I also knew that Mark had more of a Twitter following than I have been able to gain on the show. So I don't know how much of it is the quality of the performances the "Save" songs have, but I do know it had to do with, you know, how many fans you have in that one five-minute window.
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But Mark killed his performance and he did have a great quality of performance. He, honestly, Mark has always been a super sweetheart. What you see on TV is actually who he is, and I'm very happy for him.

Reality TV World: Could you compare your experiences working with Alicia vs. Gwen Stefani in earlier rounds? Which coach do you think was the better fit for you when taking into account your style and music and performance preferences?

Stephanie Rice: I definitely think there was a pure magic working with Alicia Keys. I'm definitely grateful to Gwen and for her turning her chair for me and everything that she imparted to me when I was working with her. But I definitely feel like working with Alicia Keys was meant to be.

Her artistry is something that I connect to. I'm a songwriter myself, as she is, and I write a lot of songs on the piano, as she does. And I aspire to sing with as much soul as she does. I've learned so many invaluable things from her. And she's just impacted my life permanently.

Reality TV World: I noticed that Mark, yourself and last week's eliminee Troy Ramey have been the people in the bottom two, and all three of you were saved by your coaches in "The Live Playoffs." Did you feel at a disadvantage going into the live shows, like you had to work harder than the average contestant for votes as a result, or maybe you think it's just a coincidence?

Stephanie Rice: I mean, I felt a little bit -- I guess I can say I felt a little bit at a disadvantage knowing that I wasn't saved by America in that first live round, but I always felt like I had to work harder every day.

I felt like I was the one in the competition who had the least exposure to music, and songs were chosen for me, and I didn't know the songs. I had less than a week to learn and arrange and comfortably perform a song for live television, and honestly, I'm just really proud to say I made it as far as I did.

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