Michaela Bradshaw is still in the running to win $1 million on Survivor: Game Changers this spring.

Michaela is a 25-year-old from Fort Worth, TX, who worked in vacation club sales and was also a part-time tutor when she first appeared on Survivor last season.

A few votes after the merge on Game Changers, Michaela has found herself on the outs of the Maku Maku tribe. She's seemingly viewed as a goat and only has one close ally in Cirie Fields. Most of her tribemates have called her annoying or stated they no longer want her around. Michaela, clearly a tough physical player, wasn't even picked for a Reward Challenge, which made it clear as day she was at the bottom.

However, the side of the tribe Michaela is working with has a chance to turn things around after Sarah Lacina flipped on the majority alliance of six and voted out Debbie Wanner. Viewers will see if Michaela can work some magic and maybe even do some damage control.

Below is a list of 6 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Michaela Bradshaw:

- For most of her childhood, she was raised by her godparents who were in their 60s when she was born. As a result, Michaela acts a little older than she is.

- Michaela previously played on Season 33, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, in 2016 and was the seventh castaway voted out of the game on Night 20.

Instead of taking advantage of an easy vote, her buddy Justin "Jay" Starrett convinced an alliance of their fellow millennials to turn on Michaela so she wouldn't be a strategic or physical threat to them come the merge.

- Michaela's hobbies include traveling, eating and cuddling.

- The aggressive Survivor player is best remembered for fearlessly ripping her bikini top off in the ocean during a challenge in order to escape defensive players and score a point for her team.

- She graduated college magna cum laude and proudly paid off her $31,000 student loan debt by age 23. After holding down multiple jobs in college, she worked as an admission counselor after graduation and kept her expenses low by eating PB&J for lunch, denying herself cable and Internet and driving an old car.

- Michaela, who says she embraces a woman's "inner beast," told Reality TV World after her first season that if she had made the Final 4, she didn't think anyone could win the million dollars over her.
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