In the seventh epsiode of NBC's The Apprentice 2, the teams "restructured," and diminutive lawyer Stacy Rotne became the seventh of the original eighteen contestants to be fired by Donald Trump.

At the beginning of the episode, the two teams -- all-male Mosaic and all-female Apex -- were called to a rush boardroom session and told to select project managers. Apex selected Jennifer Massey, and Mosaic (having to abandon random selection for once) picked Wes Moss. Each project manager was then told to designate the weakest three people on the team to send to the other team, making each of the new teams three men and three women.

When the smoke had cleared, Wes was joined on "new" Mosaic by Stacy, Kelly Perdue, Andy Litinsky, Maria Boren and Sandy Ferreira, while "new" Apex included Jennifer, Ivana Ma, Elizabeth Jarosz, Raj Bhakta, Kevin Allen and Chris Russo. The teams were then told to start a dog-service business, and the team with the highest profits would win.

Apex, which started a dog-washing business, eventually expanded into dog massages and dog nail-clipping in two separate locations. For Mosaic, Wes decided to locate a charitable co-sponsor for his dog "makeover station," thinking that people would be more likely to shell out money if they knew some of it was going to charity. However, after two hours of effort, the NYC Fire Department refused to participate. Although Andy eventually located a charity, Kitty Kind, that was willing to lend its name, he lost one of the team's cell phones in the process.

Ultimately, Apex's two-location effort earned $307.41, while Mosaic, despite the cat-shelter tie-in, netted only $122.12. Thus, new Mosaic headed for the boardroom, where project manager Wes was joined by two third-time candidates: Andy (for losing the cellphone) and Stacy (who loudly argued to buy dog outfits to pose dogs for "makeover pictures" and never offered to help the washers). Stacy, whom Trump noted never accepted responsibility for her own problems, was fired.

The boot of Stacy had been widely predicted, in large part because of a photograph on the Web site of booted contestant Jennifer Crisafulli that showed everyone who had been booted so far plus Stacy. Unfortunately, many of the photos on Jenn C.'s site were removed after this photo began drawing attention -- so we don't know which of the remaining eleven will be next to join Jenn C. and Stacy at the "losers' party."