Effectively spoiling the minor "will he show up or not" cliffhanger ending of last week's penultimate The Apprentice 2 episode, Sacramento Kings basketball player Chris Webber has announced that he never agreed to appear and emcee the show's charity basketball game fundraiser and is considering taking legal action over the program's use of his name.

Thursday's Apprentice episode ended with two pseudo-cliffhangers regarding the final task assignments given to Jennifer Massey and Kelly Perdew, the show's two remaining "candidates." Tasked with managing a polo tournament, Kelly was shown struggling with an inability to paint his corporate sponsor's logo in the grass due to rain showers -- a problem that will no doubt be easily resolved when the sun comes out.

Over at the charity basketball event that Jennifer was tasked with managing, an already rocky start appeared to take a turn for the worse when, after having been previously told by event organizers that Webber had been booked to emcee the tournament, Jennifer received a last-minute phone call in which Webber's assistant informed her that he was "canceling" his appearance.

Webber says otherwise, and is upset at what he considers the program's attempt to take advantage of his celebrity status. "There was never a part in the show," Webber told the Sacramento Bee. "They wanted to entice me to come on there. But I said I really didn't care about being on their show. So no, I never agreed to do it, and my people are upset that they tried to use my name to snare interest for their last show."

"My lawyers are looking at legal action now," stated Webber. "That whole thing was staged," he added.