Pennsylvania's Raj Bhakta says getting fired by Donald Trump on NBC's "The Apprentice" last season had no effect on his political aspirations.

Bhakta of Fort Washington, Pa., is considering a long shot Republican run against Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz, D-Pa., the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Tuesday. Schwartz defeated Republican Melissa Brown by 15 percentage points in the last election.

"Why do I want to get my brains beaten in?" Bhakta told the Inquirer. "Because I've always had a deep love of this country. I have a special appreciation as a first-generation American."

Bhakta, weeks shy of 30, was noted on "The Apprentice" for his bow ties and eye for the ladies. He even hit on Trump's receptionist as he headed out the door, the newspaper said.

Republican officials have had a hard time recruiting anyone to challenge Schwartz and said they would welcome Bhakta as a candidate.

"One, he's young and he wants to do it," GOP National Committeeman Bob Asher said. "And, two, he represents the new face of the Republican Party, which is one of diversity."