Showtime said it is planning to air a new TV reality series about people in the United States who are exercising their constitutional right to bear arms.

"Lock N' Load," a half-hour, six-episode reality series, is to debut next year on the cable television network.

The show is intended to give a "fly on the wall" perspective at The Shootist gun store in Englewood, Colo., "where salesman Josh Ryan is always in full-on pitch mode -- and the steady stream of customers never stops," Showtime said in a news release.

"'Lock N' Load' doesn't take sides or argue a political perspective," the network said. "Instead, viewers on both sides of the issue will be able to watch Ryan, a born salesman, wield his patented quick-draw humor and inherent likability in each exchange, making jokes and big-ticket deals over the blasts echoing from the firing range (in the basement) down below. And all is done before hidden cameras, which will only be revealed after the transaction is completed in order to insure a particularly candid and compelling point of view. America is and will probably always be fascinated with the gun culture in our country and this show will help to explain why."