"The Bachorette" winner Jesse Csincsak says he took his fiancee, Deanna Pappas, to Ohio's Cedar Point amusement park as a calming vacation after the ABC series.

Csincsak, an Ohio native, said his life has been "crazy" since Pappas chose him from among 25 bachelors on the reality TV series, Cleveland's WEWS-TV reported Sunday.

"The whole process after everything is over with, is crazy," Csincsak said. "Because you know we're just working on our relationship and just hanging out, having a good time, and we just want to come out and have a good time so what better place in Ohio than Cedar Point."

The couple's visit to Cedar Point was part of Csincsak's attempt to introduce his new fiancee to the state where he grew up. Their visit included meeting his parents.

Wilma Csincsak told WEWS-TV it appeared her son had potentially found someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life thanks to the fourth season of "Bachelorette."

"If it hadn't been for the show, they may never have met, so if it's meant to be, they'll get to know each other and it'll happen," she said.