Sharon Osbourne is apparently interested in participating in the U.K.'s Strictly Come Dancing reality series now that she no longer works for the competition.

"I'd definitely think about it," the America's Got Talent judge told the Daily Mirror in a Wednesday report.  "I can just picture me rehearsing at home with Ozzy - me and him doing the paso doble."

Osbourne added she was "approached" to compete on Strictly Come Dancing -- the U.K.'s version of Dancing with the Stars -- last year, however decided against doing it since it airs in the same Saturday night timeslot as The X Factor, the Simon Cowell-produced reality competition series which she used to judge.

"I thought it would look really bad as it goes up against The X Factor. I owed it to them not to do that,"  she explained to the Daily Mirror.

However Osbourne ended her stint as a The X Factor judge in October 2007 following a pre-show spat with fellow panelist Dannii Minogue -- meaning the door would presumably be open for her to compete on Strictly Come Dancing.

As for returning to The X Factor, Osbourne said fans shouldn't hold their breath.

"It was so hard for me at that time to give up a job that I absolutely loved - but it was the right time to move on," she told the Daily Mirror.  "It was my baby, I felt like  Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and I built that show - it was a big part of my life that I still miss a lot."

Osbourne added it's easier to let go of The X Factor since she supports her replacement Cheryl Cole.

"Cheryl Cole is the one that I wanted all along.  She's perfect. A fabulous young girl," Osbourne told the Daily Mirror.  "The thing is, there's not one bloody thing wrong with her, which p***es me off. You can't possibly find anything bad to say about her. She's doing brilliantly, as I always knew she would."

Despite her The X Factor absence, Osbourne has been busy in the U.S. serving as a judge on NBC's America Got Talent -- which is also produced by Cowell -- for the past two years. 

While she likes the work, Osbourne added the job has made her pine for home.

"I really, really do want to spend time at home this year. I miss the U.K.," she told the Daily Mirror.  "A lot of my friends are over there. And I miss the X Factor."