INXS' remaining members decided that Suzie McNeil wasn't right for their band during last night's broadcast of Rock Star: INXS, eliminating the reality competition's last woman and making Mig Ayesa, Marty Casey, and J.D. Fortune the show's three finalists.

Rock Star: INXS' final results show began with co-host Dave Navarro announcing that not one but two encores would be performed. Although Marty was the winner of the viewers' vote, the show's studio audience was also allowed to pick -- via their applause -- another singer to serve as Marty's opening act. In the end, J.D. edged out Mig, and after letting the audience decide if he should perform Pink Floyd's "Money" or his own "Pretty Vegas" original song, J.D. performed "Vegas."

Not to be outdone by J.D., Marty decided to let the audience determine if he should perform an electric or acoustic version of his original "Trees" song -- and pledged to smash his acoustic guitar if they chose electric. They chose electric and Marty followed through with his promise, smashing his guitar on stage.

When the bottom three votegetters were revealed, Marty learned that he'd received the week's most votes -- and, as a result, was guaranteed a spot in next week's Rock Star: INXS finale show. Meanwhile, Mig found himself in an unfamiliar place -- the bottom three, meaning that for the first time in the competition, Mig would perform an INXS song.

After Mig, J.D., and Suzie completed their INXS song performances, the band began their deliberations. Returning to stage to announce their decision, INXS guitarist Tim Farriss made it clear that the band felt that Rock Star's last results broadcast was "the hardest elimination show of the whole season."

"I can not stress how much the band and I have agonized over this decision... you're all so talented." Tim told the three huddling singers. But Tim also noted the night's good news -- "In one week, we'll be a complete band again."

Tim told J.D. he was safe, leaving Suzie and Mig to stand alone as the two singers facing elimination. Finally, Tim broke the news that Suzie didn't want to hear. "You have been in the bottom three so many times, but your tenacity and your singing voice are unparalleled," began Tim. Unfortunately for Suzie, a 28-year-old musician from Toronto, Ontario, those words were followed by the phrase that no Rock Star contestant ever wants to hear -- "You're not right for our band."

Rock Star: INXS' finale will air on Tuesday, September 20 at 10PM ET/PT -- immediately after the finale of CBS' other still-airing summer reality show, Big Brother 6.