A quickie wedding could apparently be in the works for I Love New York second-season lovebirds Tiffany "New York" Pollard and her fiance George "Tailor Made" Weisgerber.

"We haven't set a date," Weisgerber told Splash News on Monday, according to the New York Post. "We'll probably just go to Vegas on a whim."

Sources close to the couple confirmed Pollard and Weisgerber plan to travel to Vegas on February 8, according to the Post, leading the paper to speculate that the previously twice-spurned Flavor of Love bachelorette could be off the market by Valentine's Day.

Weisgerber was still married to his estranged wife Nancy when he proposed to Pollard during I Love New York's second-season finale broadcast last month, which was filmed over the summer.  While Pollard didn't accept the proposal, she still presented her final chain to Weisgerber over Ezra "Buddha" Masters.

Although the move violated the show's rules, Pollard reportedly moved in with Weisgerber and his 12-year-old daughter Asia shortly after the show stopped filming.  Weisgerber then proposed to Pollard again -- and she accepted -- during filming for I Love New York's second-season reunion show, which aired January 6.

However since then it's been a rocky few weeks.

Earlier this month, a VH1 spokeswoman denied an online report that claims Pollard and Weisgerber's relationship had ended following the taping of I Love New York 2's December reunion show and Pollard was coampaigning for a third season of the VH1 reality dating show.

Then last week, the same Internet outlet posted a video that it claimed to have received from a "reader," who alleged he met up with Pollard "a few months ago" in a Miami club before he videotaped them having sex together. 

Pollard subsequently denied she was the woman seen in the grainy x-rated video.

"I'm a strong black woman and if I did something like this I would 'fess up. If I had a sex tape, I'd say when I did it and who I did it with - I have nothing to hide," Pollard told the Post.  "A sex tape today does not equal disaster. If I did have a sex tape, I wouldn't deny it."