The folks who brought you "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" soon will play matchmaker for Boston Red Sox fans.

Scout Productions is developing "Sox Appeal," a reality television show that combines speed dating and baseball. Plans call for it to air on the Sox-owned cable channel NESN in July, the Boston Herald said Tuesday.

One Red Sox fan will be paired with a different date for two innings at a time at Fenway Park. The fan will choose with whom to watch the rest game during the seventh inning stretch -- but also could be rejected.

The backdrop of baseball is what separates "Sox Appeal" from other dating reality shows, said David Collins, principal and executive producer at Scout.

"The waxing and waning of the date will be affected by the reality of what's happening out on the field," he said.

The show's contestants won't necessarily all be youthful, he said. Developers are considering a seniors episode.

Scout Productions will run eight episodes featuring dates and two shows with footage from casting calls. The "Sox Appeal" Web side is expected to debut in February and casting events are expected to start in April.