For a show that only had a little more than nine million people watch its premiere, the third edition of ABC's The Bachelorette sure seems to be generating more than its fair share of online buzz.

Within hours of its premiere broadcast, reports that bachelorette Jen Schefft went on hometown visits with two of the show's fifteen remaining bachelors began emerging on the Internet -- including one by veteran Reality TV World message board poster "munson." Noteworthy due to the fact that the show's bachelorette typically only visits the hometowns of her final few remaining suitors, the reports would appear to disclose the identities of at least two of The Bachelorette 3's four bachelor finalists. If interested, highlight the below area to discover the identities of the twosome.

According to reports from their friends and neighbors, Jen (and the show's cameras and crew) visited both Jerry and Wendell in their hometowns.

And based on careful video capture analysis of the numerous promotional clips that ABC has broadcast, online spoiler sleuths also believe that they have uncovered the identities of the other two members of The Bachelorette's Final Four. Once again, if interested, highlight the below area.

Based on the video evidence, Ryan and John Paul are believed to be the two other likely members of Jen Final Four suitors.

The Bachelorette has also found itself the subject of one of the more bizarre bits of reality television speculation in recent months -- that Fabrice, the 28-year-old Parisian frenchman who Jen selected as one of her fifteen finalists at the conclusion of last week's Bachelorette premiere, is actually an openly gay man.

Fabrice was first "outed" when a gay male reader emailed the site claiming to have previously dated Fabrice, who the tipster also claims not only currently has a boyfriend, but is also an aspiring actor.

From there, additional online evidence supporting the tipster's allegations emerged, including bare-chested photos of Fabrice on the website, a personal profile on the gay photo community website, and a Friendster profile that features yet more topless photos of the self-titled "Fabrice Of Paris."

It was also discovered that Fabrice starred in a French reality show called Operation Seduction. Broadcast in France in 2003, Operation Seduction 2 featured Fabrice and three other men faced with the difficult task of sailing the Caribbean with a a boatful of attractive women and selecting one of them as the cruise's sexiest girl.

Speculating that Fabrice's sexual orientation might be some strange part of this season's The Bachelorette storyline (a scenario supported by ABC promos showing that in one upcoming episode, Fabrice is shown interrupting a rose ceremony to announce that he has "something I'd like to say"), E! Online attempted to contact ABC for comment. However the network refused to comment on the Fabrice speculation, instead stating only that all the program's participants underwent background checks.