Rumors have circulated for weeks Juan Pablo Galavis only appeared on The Bachelor for fame and money, but he reportedly wasn't the only one.

"[Nikki Ferrell] is as desperate to be famous as he is," a source told OK! Weekly of the pediatric nurse and model in its March 31 issue.

While Galavis and Ferrell have been parading around as "a real, happy couple" since The Bachelor's eighteenth season finished airing earlier this month, it's reportedly all an act.

"The relationship fell apart after the fantasy suite dates. When Nikki found out Juan Pablo had been sleeping around, she went crazy," the source said.

"Juan Pablo and Nikki are doing a great job acting like they are madly in love, but they're just faking it. They know staying together pays," added an insider.

Former The Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak also reiterated to OK! how Galavis allegedly became The Bachelor star for cash in light of reports Galavis was a "deadbeat dad" and struggles to make ends meet in his job as a sports and entertainment consultant.

"Dude needed money," Csincsak told the magazine. "He sold his soul to the devil."

Galavis, a 32-year-old former pro soccer player, offered Ferrell, 27, his final rose at the end of The Bachelor season, which filmed late last year. Ferrell accepted the rose without a proposal or even an, "I love you," from the Venezuela native.