Niecy Nash is apparently among those that feels Dancing with the Stars tenth-season winner Nicole Scherzinger had too much prior dance experience to be eligible for reality competition series.

"There were moments you couldn't tell her from the pro dancers," Nash told People in a Thursday report.

"Dancing With the Stars is something that resonates with me when the contestants have a journey. I was such a big fan of Kelly Osbourne last year because she had the most transformation. I cheer for the people who have evolved. To me, that's what the competition should be."

The actress, comedian and Clean House host -- who was the seventh celebrity participant ousted from Dancing with the Stars' tenth season -- added that "growth" is also an important element for contestants on the show.

"Nicole today is who she was when she got here -- she was a great dancer and she still is," she told People.

Dancing with the Stars professional Edyta Sliwinska agreed that Scherzinger is a great dancer but  told People she doesn't believe that should have prevented the Pussycat Dolls member from being on the show.

"Nicole was the best dancer from day one," Sliwinska told People.

"She was obviously on a different level than everyone else, but her choreography was more difficult, too. She absolutely deserved to win."