Many British celebrity wannabes are eager to show their ability, not to sing or dance but to turn on the public to science.

The winner of this latest reality television-style talent contest will walk away with a cash prize and a shot at the big time with his or her own TV program.

The popularity and possibilities of "Famelab" drew a huge crowd at the Science Museum of London with contestants made up not of rock stars but teachers, Ph.D. students and others with the obligatory science background.

The aim of the show, dubbed "Boff Idol" by some, is to find charismatic people with a gift for the unenviable task of getting science across to the masses, to "inspire and excite public imagination," the London Guardian said Friday.

With three minutes to impress the judges, contestants covered everything from the intricacies of Einstein's photoelectric effect to an excited explanation of why men have nipples.