NBC announced it has ordered Losing It With Jillian, a new reality series in which The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels will temporarily move in with families and attempt to get them living healthier lifestyles.

"When your health is out of balance everything else suffers finances, relationships, work and family dynamics," said Michaels.

"I'm moving in with families across the country, getting down and dirty and rooting out bad habits in every corner of their lives that are preventing them from health and happiness.  Get ready America because I'm heading out and you never know, I might just end up on your doorstep so watch out!"

Losing It With Jillian will also feature celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who will rid each family's kitchen of unhealthy food while also educating them on proper nutrition. 

Stone was recently revealed as a The Celebrity Apprentice third-season candidate when photos of the NBC reality series' cast shooting the show's title sequence leaked last week.

Losing It With Jillian is currently slated to premiere next year and casting information is currently available on NBC's website.

"Jillian is the world's leading lifestyle expert with a signature style all her own," said NBC programming executive Paul Telegdy.  "Increasing numbers of families seem to need a motivational boost, and we know that Jillian is an awesome force of nature who will help them transform their lives from the inside out."

The eight-episode series is produced by The Biggest Loser's Reveille production company in association with Empowered Media.

"It's time for Americans to stop making excuses for being unhealthy and take back their lives.  Jillian is going to show them exactly how to do just that starting in their own homes," said executive producer Mark Koops.  "This is a natural addition to the Reveille brand of powerful, inspirational series."

Last week, Bravo -- which is owned by NBC Universal -- began developing Thintervention with Jackie Warner, which has a similar format to Losing It With Jillian.

Thintervention with Jackie Warner will follow the fitness expert and former Work Out star as she helps overweight clients kick their unhealthy habits in their real-life environments while surrounded by the distractions and stresses of their personal and professional lives.