Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder have decided to make a go at a romantic relationship in the real world.

Lloyd, Big Brother's eleventh-season winner, has confirmed that she and Schroeder, her fellow houseguest who won the vote as America's Favorite Player, are dating.

"Yes we are!" Lloyd told People in a Tuesday report. "We never really talked about it. It just kind of happened."

While Lloyd and Schroeder had an alliance in the Big Brother house and continuously flirted with one another throughout the show's eleventh season, Lloyd told Reality TV World in a post-victory interview that a romantic relationship was still "up in the air."

"I liked her on the show, that was obvious," Schroeder told People.

"But after the show ended I liked her even more. I get in trouble when I say that, because Jordan is like, 'You didn't like me on the show, and now you like me!?' But what I mean is that I like her even more now that I see who she is outside of the Big Brother house."

Schroeder added that dating outside the house wasn't too big of a step since they already overcame one of the biggest obstacles facing their relationship.

"I thought that the biggest hurdle in a relationship was taking a dump in front of each other," he told People with a laugh. "We cleared that in the Big Brother house. As far as the relationship goes we have a leg up. We've fast forwarded a year!"

Lloyd also coyly answered when asked by People if she and Schroeder have consummated their new relationship.

"I think he's waited long enough," she said.

In addition, Lloyd -- who claimed the eleventh season's $500,000 grand prize -- said she has followed through on her plans to by her mother a new home, although it wasn't as easy as she anticipated it would be.

"Right after the show, I got on the Internet, but I couldn't find anything, and to make matters worse, my mom was being so picky," she told People. "But I finally found something, and when my mom looked at it she fell in love with it!"

Lloyd said he celebrity status from the show also helped when she met with the house's builders.
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"I had put an offer on the house that was lower than what they were asking, and they took it because they were fans of the show, and they knew who I was," she told People. "They just wanted an autograph, not even an autographed picture!"