NBC's Last Comic Standing 4 has eliminated two more of its finalists, sending Bil Dwyer and Joey Gay home at the conclusion of a four-way head-to-head showdown between Bil, Joey, Chris Porter, and Michele Balan, who despite her landslide victory in last week's three-way showdown, was once again challenged to perform in this week's episode.

Last Comic Standing 4's sixth episode began with Michele returning to the ship and telling the nine other remaining finalists that she had won the show's first head-to-head challenge with 83% of the audience vote -- a dominating performance that left some of them doubting whether Michele would be back in a head-to-head competition in the near future.

After going to bed following a Moroccan-themed dinner that included snakes and bellydancers, the comedians were awoken in the middle of the night and told it was time for their next challenge. Following another long ride on the short bus, the still-sleepy comics learned that they would be appearing on Adam Corolla's morning radio show, where their challenge would be to perform a one-minute improvisation based on a randomly drawn magazine.

Once the random draw for magazines like Farming Journal, Weapons of Death, and Modern Knitting was done, the comics were given twenty minutes to prepare their material. Chris drew Latina Wedding and wondered how he could do a routine when the magazine was not even in English. Ten excruciatingly bad performances later, Adam had to pick a winner. After ruling out Kristin Key because she ran out of material before the full minute ended, he debated between Chris and Rebecca Corry. In the end, he decided to reward Rebecca for her Modern Beefcake magazine tampon "humor."

After a game of football turned into a game of "crotchball" between Kristin and Josh Blue, the comedians were forced to endure Rebecca saying the word "immunity" over and over and over. Later, it was time to decide who would be competing in the head-to-head challenge, however with one of the more likely targets immune, the other comics could not come to a consensus. Even with Gabriel Iglesias continuing his "strategy" of picking a name out of a hat, no comic received more than two votes.

Having received two votes each, Joey, Bil, Michele, and Chris all ended up in a four-way tie, causing Last Comic Standing host Anthony Clark to woodenly explain that due to the tie, all four would be competing in what was originally scheduled to be another three-way head-to-head challenge. Since there was already a four-way tie, the four comedians wouldn't be allowed to select one of the other comics who voted for one of them to join them in the challenge. The winner of the challenge would win a $1,000 prize, while the two comics who received the lowest percentage of the audience votes would be eliminated.

After heading over to the Last Comic Theatre, Anthony -- demonstrating that being a funny host is harder than it looks -- introduced the foursome in a dull monotone that included few facial expressions. Joey Gay started the competition, followed by Chris, Bil, and Michele. After the audience voted, Anthony announced that Bil Dwyer had received the fewest votes and would be eliminated. Next he told the audience that Chris, having received 52% of the audience vote, had won the challenge's $1,000 prize. Michele learned that she survived her second straight head-to-head when Anthony announced that Joey had been eliminated.

Two weeks from now, Last Comic Standing's comics will roast Gabriel. Which one will be kicked out of the competition for breaking the rules?