Melissa Rivers paid a beautiful tribute to her mother Joan Rivers in an E! special that aired Thursday night, just one day prior to the one-year anniversary of her death at age 81.

Remembering Joan highlighted Joan's funniest and most memorable Fashion Police moments.

"We are remembering her the only way she would have wanted, and that's through laughter," Melissa said at the top of the show, according to People. "While Joan loved dogs, her favorite word was definitely more related to cats."

A montage of clips then reportedly aired of Joan cracking jokes about female celebrities and their "pussy cats."

"Some parents never talked to their kids about sex. My mother on the other hand, never stopped," Melissa noted, prompting some footage of Joan gawking at a photo of Ryan Gosling and the 11-year-old dog he owns and adores.

"In human, that's about 78 years," Joan said in the clip. "So Ryan... Guess who else is 78 and also likes it doggy style?"

After explaining how "outrageous was normal for Joan Rivers," according to People, Melissa shared some jokes Joan had made while roasting some stars.

When roasting Courtney Love, Joan reportedly said, "If you dug up Kurt Cobain right now, he would look better than she does."

On Jennifer Lopez, she joked, "Learn to look like a star. You've got to do three things: Exercise, get enough sleep, and f-ck the brains out of anybody."

Poking fun at a statement necklace Rihanna once rocked and her prior tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown that made headlines, Joan said, "RiRi, how do you feel about the choker? She said 'Joan, I still love him. I can't help it.'"

Joan also always repeated how perfect she was. Melissa thought it would be funny to therefore air Joan's mistakes and many bloopers. One of them was calling Boy George "erogenous" instead of the correct word "androgynous."

Melissa has now taken over Joan's leading role on Fashion Police. The first episode of the revamped series aired Monday night on E!.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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