U.S. home design author and TV personality Martha Stewart criticized mogul Donald Trump for firing his TV "Apprentice" sidekick, Carolyn Kepcher.

"Donald is out of control," Stewart told TV's "Access Hollywood."

"By the time he's finished, he will have fired everyone around him and there will be nobody left," she said. "Poor Donald will be sitting there on his little pedestal all by himself."

Stewart starred in her own "The Apprentice" edition in 2005. She told Fortune magazine then that she expected to "fire" Trump in the opening segment of her premiere, People reported.

Instead, Trump's "The Apprentice" edition also broadcast a Fall 2005 edition and Stewart's own show was canceled in November.

In February, Trump skewed her an open letter, saying that it was time for her to "start taking responsiblity" for the ratings failure of her "terrible" "The Apprentice" edition.

"I almost can't believe my longtime friend Donald Trump wrote it," Stewart told People at the time.