Married at First Sight featured the three couples enjoying their honeymoons, but it wasn't all sunshine and daiquiris for one pair, during the fourth episode of the Lifetime reality series' sixth season on Tuesday night.

The six strangers who agreed to marry at first sight are Jaclyn Schwartzberg, a 29-year-old teacher turned sales representative; Ryan Buckley, a 29-year-old firefighter; Molly Duff, a 25-year-old commercial insurance adjuster; Jonathan Francetic, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran and former financial associate; Shawniece Jackson, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and cosmetologist; and Jephte Pierre, a 26-year-old second grade teacher.

Matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Jessica Griffin, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson, Jaclyn married Ryan, Molly walked down the aisle to Jonathan, and Shawniece became a wife to Jephte.

The episode began where last week's broadcast had left off, with the couples kicking off their honeymoons in Jamaica shortly after tying the knot.

Molly revealed that she didn't feel comfortable enough with her new husband to be physically intimate yet, but she had every intention of having sex with him eventually. She wanted to take things slowly with Jonathan since they met as strangers, and he thankfully wasn't putting any pressure on her.

Molly was finding herself more and more attracted to Jonathan with each passing day, and Jonathan said he was "blown away" by Molly's personality. Jon was beginning to realize that losing his job to star on the show was a big risk worth taking.

Each couple then embarked on one little adventure while in Jamaica.


Ryan organized a trip for Jaclyn so that she could scratch an activity off her bucket list -- swimming with dolphins. Jaclyn had wanted to swim with dolphins since she was a little girl, so she was so impressed that Ryan set this date up. The gesture showed Jaclyn that Ryan genuinely cared about her.

Although Molly dislikes being touched by random people, Jonathan convinced her to try something new and have a couple's massage with him. It took a little while for Molly to relax, but she thought the experience was nice overall.

As for Shawniece and Jephte, they hiked up a rock formation featuring a romantic waterfall.

Not only was Jephte moving at a slower pace than Shawniece in their marriage, but he also proved to be the more cautious person in the relationship. Jephte was hesitant to even climb the waterfall, saying it was dangerous and risky.
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Jephte acknowledged that Shawniece was much more outgoing and bubbly than him, but he thought they complemented each other well. He just hoped his wife would be patient with him and allow him to take his time with things.


"The more we experience together, the more situations we go through together, the easier it's going to be more me to just trust her," Jephte told the cameras.

Shawniece was so happy Jephte completed the climb with her, even though he was afraid of the activity and "complained the whole time." She finally thought they were getting somewhere, especially since they shared a peck at the top of the waterfall.

After hanging out with adorable dolphins, Jaclyn and Ryan lounged by the pool, and she told the cameras she really wanted to tell him about how her boyfriend had passed away one and a half years prior. She was afraid, however, of seeing Ryan's reaction to her tragic story.

On Day 5 of their marriages, the three Married at First Sight couples were able to meet up at the resort and talk over lunch. 

It quickly became apparent Shawniece and Jephte were on different pages, while the other two couples were getting along wonderfully.


Shawniece didn't want her husband to view her like a stranger since they were already legally bound, but Jephte didn't want to be forced to open up before he was ready.

"After talking to Shawniece and Jephte, it just sounds very stressful to be in their relationship right now because they're just so different," Molly said in a confessional.

"It makes me happy that I got matched with someone who's so similar to me and has so much in common and that I get along with. I feel pretty good with where we're at."

The three couples then did some stand up paddleboarding together. The adventure brought Molly and Jon closer together -- because she became touchy-feely and flirty with her husband in the water -- but it drove Jephte and Shawniece further apart.

Shawniece grew tired of paddleboarding and chose to quit, but Jephte advised his wife not to jump into the water. Well, Shawniece did anyways, and then something on the ocean floor pierced her foot. 

Shawniece sat on the beach and checked out the bottom of her foot as Jephte watched her from a distance while lying on his paddleboard in the water. Instead of running to the shore, looking at Shawniece's injury and consoling her, Jephte bragged about how his wife should have listened to him in the first place.


Molly said she felt bad for Shawniece because Jephte didn't make the manly gesture to help her out.

Before the MAFS couples wrapped up their afternoon, Shawniece asked if her co-stars had sex yet while relaxing on the beach.

Ryan lied and said he hadn't consummated his marriage because he and Jaclyn didn't want to rush things, but in reality, the pair was having sex since the night they said, "I do."

Ryan explained to the cameras afterward that he wanted what happens in the bedroom to stay private, and Jaclyn was thankful Ryan didn't boast about their personal business.

After Shawniece confessed she hadn't had sex with Jephte either, Molly felt better about her decision to take things slow with Jon. It made Molly feel as if she wasn't behind the ball in her marriage.

Later that night, each couple was required to participate in a communication exercise allowing them to get to know each other on a deeper level through a series of questions and answers.

This exercise made Jaclyn realize that Ryan's talkative nature could become a problem down the road, and Ryan finally learned about Jaclyn's ex who had passed away.

"I'm trying to be supportive, but at the same time, it's very concerning. I just hope that my wife can move on and come along with me on this ride and just focus on what more we can get out of this relationship," Ryan said.

Jaclyn was so grateful that Ryan was understanding of her past, but she didn't want Ryan to assume she was constantly comparing the two relationships. Jaclyn said that she was well aware they were two very different romances.

When Molly and Jonathan played the communication game, they felt closer to one another as well.

"Out of all the women that could've been matched with me," Jon gushed. "I'm certainly happy that it was her. She's a great girl... To have it all pay off in the end, to take this big leap of faith and find out it actually worked -- I could definitely see myself falling in love with Molly."

When Shawniece and Jephte played the little game, Jephte kept insisting they needed to "take baby steps" in the romance department because she was still a total stranger to him.

Shawniece was a patient person, but it was very difficult for her to continue opening up to someone who viewed her as nothing other than a stranger. The game ended with Shawniece in tears, and Jephte felt pressured to move faster than he was capable.

"I need to move at my own time, because if I'm pushed too much, I start pushing back," Jephte confessed.

Jephte vented the situation was just "too much" and Shawniece began questioning why she had signed up for Married at First Sight to begin with. Shawniece wanted a husband -- not a friend.