Marcus Grodd continues to be open about his feelings post-split from Lacy Faddoul, and it's clear he's hurting.

"I definitely feel played," Grodd told Us Weekly. "I don't know if that's accurate -- but the emotions that I'm feeling are yeah, I feel played, especially how she's acting now to everything. But that's me thinking as being hurt from her, [and] seeing what she's posted and said in the past to me."

Grodd proposed to Faddoul on the first-season finale of Bachelor in Paradise and they wed in June 2015 in a ceremony that aired two months later on the series' Season 2 premiere. The pair tied the knot on their one-year anniversary in Mexico, with Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison officiating the ceremony.

Grodd, however, revealed last month that Faddoul stalled when it came to legalizing their marriage upon their return home. He said she became a "different person" whose priorities suddenly changed. Their relationship became toxic, according to Grodd, and then Faddoul allegedly cut off communication until she disappeared entirely.

Grodd told Life & Style in June that Faddoul seemed like a "runaway bride," which she referenced later on by posting an Instagram video of herself in her wedding dress along with the hashtag "#runawaybride." The post has since been deleted.

"I don't feel angry by any means -- I just feel disappointed in how she's moving on and making it more as a joke than anything," Grodd told Us. "It was more disappointment of seeing what she's done and been posting, rather than being angry about it"

Faddoul "progressively changed" overtime although Grodd said their romance was "natural and easy" in the beginning.

"I don't think everything in the end was real between us, and she just stuck on for [some reason]," said the tenth-season The Bachelorette suitor.

"That's the only thing I would look back on or take back, is [I would ask] her just to end it whenever she felt like she wanted to and not progress with it, instead of me trying and being foolish and fooled by her."

Grodd acknowledged he's not sure whether Faddoul had cheated on him or is currently dating another guy.

"She's been going out a lot more with people, friends," Grodd explained. "She went to one of my buddies' restaurants [in Newport Beach, CA], and he texted me, 'I think she's on a [brunch] date, actually.'"

Now that he's a single bachelor again, Grodd said it would be "interesting to go back" on Bachelor in Paradise for another shot at love. After all, the former soccer player doesn't blame the reality franchise for his broken "marriage."

"I could see myself doing another [dating] show, but I would be more wary of who I'm going out with and dating," Grodd said. "I would have more of a guard for sure... I would [make sure to be] more knowledgeable about the person than anything."

But until then, Grodd is still getting over the "embarrassment" of the breakup and being "fooled." He also told Us he feels "silly" for sticking with the relationship as long as he did.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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