Kristin Cavallari has admitted she was "very thin" while filming Very Cavallari because she was in an "unhappy" marriage to NFL football player Jay Cutler.

When reflecting back on her experience filming Very Cavallari, which ran for three seasons from 2018 to 2020 on E!, Kristin lamented about how she "was very thin" during the June 11 episode of her "Let's Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari" podcast.

Kristin recalled how her toxic marriage and its demise had a huge impact on her health, body and overall well-being.

"I'll put it in perspective for you guys: I'm 5'3". I currently weigh 114 pounds. Filming Very Cavallari, I got down to 102," Kristin confessed.

"And I was eating the same amount of food that I'm eating now. The difference was, I was so unhappy and so stressed out."

The 37-year-old former The Hills star shared how it's emotional to look at the evidence.

"I look back at photos from that time period, and I am like, 'Holy sh-t!'" Kristin shared.

"I was rail f-cking thin. I was skin and bones. I looked like sh-t. I think I look so much better now. And you guys, that was just stress. That was being in a really unhappy marriage."

Kristin and Jay were together for about a decade. They were married for nearly seven years before Jay filed for divorce in April 2020. The pair share three kids together: Camden, 11; Jaxon, 10; and Saylor, 8.

"I was so unhappy, and I also had way too much on my plate. I think that goes hand in hand -- I was so unhappy that I was just trying to max out," Kristin said of her marriage.

"But I also wasn't lifting heavy weights like I am now. But that was stress. But now, I'm just taking care of myself in so many more ways too."

Kristin said she's currently working out with a personal trainer, lifting "really heavy weights" and trying to build more muscle, one day a week. On top of that, the Laguna Beach alum also exercises three or four times a week on her own.

"So I work out four to five times a week... and I'm pretty good at pushing myself. I will say," Kristin boasted.
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"I think with the gym, it's consistency. It's just showing up for yourself. And listen, if I'm really busy and I only work out two to three times a week, fine. I used to get mad at myself, and I would feel guilty and it was just like, ugh, a really horrible way of living."

Whereas now, Kristin said she's okay with allowing herself more time to rest, especially during weeks when she's on vacation.

"I actually think rest is just as important [as fitness], too," Kristin noted.

But Kristin has totally moved on from Jay, with whom she has a joint custody arrangement for their kids, and that tumultuous time in her life.

Kristin is currently dating Montana Boyz member Mark Estes. She debuted her romance with Mark in February by uploading a photo of the couple and writing, "He makes me happy."

Kristin was briefly linked to The Bachelorette 15 alum Tyler Cameron, but she waited more than three years to get into a serious relationship with a man following her divorce.

During a February 2023 appearance on the "Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe" podcast, Kristin insisted that she felt "so happy" and "content" in her life, even though she was single at the time.

Kristin said she had "a very specific list" of what she wanted in a man, adding, "I'm not going to settle and I'm not going to put up with someone's bullsh-t just because 'I'm lonely.' Like, I'm not!"

Kristin said she was receiving so much love and affection from her kids at home that she wasn't craving more "male energy" in her household.

"I talk to them about dating. They have very strong opinions about every guy... They met one guy on our first date because they were excited to meet him, but other than that, they haven't met anyone," Kristin shared.

"But I tell them who I'm dating, who I'm talking to, and they have high standards for me too."

Kristin said while her schedule was very busy at the time, she was open to pursuing a serious relationship in Summer 2023.

"If someone were to come around, yeah, I would be ready," the former The Hills star explained.

"I'm in a good place for dating because I have my kids, I have my company, and I don't need anyone for anything other than just someone I want to spend time with, who I enjoy!"

Kristin said she wanted to meet a person who would add joy, happiness and value to her life, and she mentioned how she'd like to date an "established" guy in his forties, not a hustler or "shiny new object" in his twenties.

But Kristin insisted "the pool is very small" when it comes to the men who have all the qualities she's looking for in a partner.

"I want the guy to make the effort," Kristin explained.

"I'm all about a girl making the first move, I'm here for that. But where I'm at in my life, I actually want the guy to put in some f-cking work, because guys don't know how to do that anymore."

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