Kristin Cavallari has addressed new Tyler Cameron dating rumors after the pair spent New Year's Eve together.

The former Very Cavallari star, 36, rang in the New Year with Tyler in Nashville, TN, and then Kristin confirmed on her "Back to the Beach" podcast it was most certainly a date.

But in late January, Tyler was spotted kissing a mystery brunette at a friend's wedding in Florida.


Kristin therefore set the record straight on where she and the Season 15 The Bachelorette alum currently stand during Tuesday's episode of the "Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe" podcast.

"We're not dating," the Balancing in Heels author and The Hills alum confirmed.

"I love Tyler, he's such a good guy. He's great. And he was my New Year's date and we had a ton of fun, but we're not [an item]. He's not my boyfriend. I don't have a boyfriend."

In fact, Kristin said with a laugh, "I haven't had a boyfriend in a long time! I haven't had anyone serious in a long-ass time."

Kristin clarified, however, that she is "dating" right now, "which could mean I'm talking to a couple people, or maybe I'm not talking to anybody right now."

Kristin noted it's been almost three years since she was in a serious relationship.

"[It] is actually great. I've actually really loved it. I mean, it's been up and down. There's been moments where I have wanted to be in a relationship, but I'm so happy and content on my own," Kristin gushed.

Kristin said she has "a very specific list" of what she wants in a man, adding, "I'm not going to settle and I'm not going to put up with someone's bullsh-t just because 'I'm lonely.' Like, I'm not!"

Kristin is currently in the process of finalizing her divorce from former NFL player Jay Cutler, whom she split from in April 2020 after nearly seven years of marriage.

Kristin and Jay share sons Camden, 10, and Jaxon, 8, as well as a daughter Saylor, 7.


Kristin said she receives so much love and affection from her kids at home, which fills her cup, and her boys apparently bring the "male energy" and protect her.

"I talk to them about dating. They have very strong opinions about every guy... They met one guy on our first date because they were excited to meet him, but other than that, they haven't met anyone," Kristin shared.

"But I tell them who I'm dating, who I'm talking to, and they have high standards for me too."

Kristin said her busy schedule over the next few months "wouldn't allow" her to commit to a man; however, she'd be open to pursuing a serious relationship maybe this summer.

"If someone were to come around, yeah, I would be ready," the former Laguna Beach star explained.

"I'm in a good place for dating because I have my kids, I have my company, and I don't need anyone for anything other than just someone I want to spend time with, who I enjoy!"

Kristin wants to meet a person who will add joy, happiness and value to her life, and she mentioned how she'd like to date an "established" guy in his forties, not a hustler or "shiny new object" in his twenties.

But Kristin insisted "the pool is very small" when it comes to the men who have all the qualities she's looking for in a partner.

"I want the guy to make the effort," Kristin explained.

"I'm all about a girl making the first move, I'm here for that. But where I'm at in my life, I actually want the guy to put in some f-cking work, because guys don't know how to do that anymore."


As for what's happening in her love life right now, Kristin admitted she's been "chatting with" a professional hockey player who "recently slid into" her DMs on Instagram.

"I've had a lot of hockey players [reach out to me] because we have season tickets to the [Nashville Predators]. I take my kids a lot," Kristin told Kaitlyn.

"We're literally two rows behind the Visitors bench, so from those games, I've had quite a few hockey players."

On Monday, Tyler played coy about whether he's single during an interview with E! News.

"You know, I'm around," Tyler teased. "I don't know if I'm necessarily dating, but I am seeing. Seeing is believing I guess."

Kristin and Tyler first sparked dating rumors in April 2022 when they were photographed making out while posing for a western-themed photo shoot that promoted Kristin's clothing and jewelry line, Uncommon James.

But Kristin admitted she and Tyler were not together and that the photo shoot was a publicity stunt on "The Bellas Podcast." Kristin actually acknowledged it was her plan all along to get fans gossiping about the reality TV stars' relationship status.

"I mean, that's why I hired the guy, to get press," Kristin confessed to co-hosts Brie Bella and Nikki Bella on a late April episode of the podcast.

"It worked," she added. "I was like, 'Check that box.'"

Tyler -- who found fame when he competed for Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette -- said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Spring 2022 that he was just "great friends" with Kristin, who also gushed at the time how she had "nothing but good things to say about" Tyler.

Kristin called Tyler "the nicest human being on the planet" as well as "a very good kisser" last year, but she said she just had a friendly-work relationship with the former general contractor from Florida.

Prior to making headlines with Kristin, Tyler -- who finished as the runner-up on Fox's The Real Dirty Dancing -- was allegedly dumped by model Camila Kendra in August 2021 after eight months of dating.

Camila appeared to break up with Tyler shortly after he publicly announced that he was "very in love" with her.

"Things were going well until they weren't," an insider told Us Weekly in August 2021. "Friends were surprised things ended so quickly."

Tyler previously said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he's looking for "someone whose smile is contagious" and "can light up a room."

Tyler also shared that it's important how his significant other treats "the people around them."

The model wants his future girlfriend to "respect the server, their parents, their friends," adding, "That's big for me... [And] she's got to be beautiful too."

In February 2022, Tyler told E!'s Daily Pop during a joint appearance with Kristin that he was also searching for a woman who is "hungry and ambitious" as well as "family oriented" and "ready for an adventure."

Tyler finished Hannah's season of The Bachelorette in second place behind winner and aspiring country singer Jed Wyatt.

Hannah broke up with Jed shortly after they got engaged and attempted to reconnect with Tyler during her After the Final Rose special, which aired in July 2019.

Hannah recalled receiving mixed signals and navigating a confusing relationship with Tyler from 2019-2020 in her first memoir, God Bless This Mess: Learning to Live and Love Through Life's Best (and Worst) Moments, which was released in November 2021.

Not only did Hannah write that she felt like Tyler's "backup player who never got to play in the game," but she also said their relationship "wasn't some game" to her and he "broke" her heart when he began dating supermodel Gigi Hadid shortly after The Bachelorette 15 wrapped on TV.

Hannah and Tyler never dated again after the show, and they claim they never even kissed while quarantining with each other for several weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

And Hannah claimed Tyler's last text to her was, "Well... if you rock with me, you rock with me. If you don't, you don't."

But Tyler noted on "The Bellas Podcast" once Hannah's book was released, "I've got receipts, too!"


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