Justin Bieber shared an update on the facial paralysis he has experienced as a result of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which the Canadian singer revealed he was diagnosed with in June.

The diagnosis caused Bieber to cancel the remainder of his Justice World Tour in 2022.

In a video posted to Instagram Wednesday, Bieber points to his face, moves his eyebrows and finally smiles.

The video, which is captioned "wait for it," doesn't include additional information but suggests Bieber's condition is improving.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, which stays in nerves after chickenpox has cleared up. In some cases the virus eventually attacks facial nerves near the ear, causing hearing loss and facial paralysis.

When Bieber revealed his diagnosis in June, he shared an Instagram video showing that he couldn't blink with his right eye and that when he smiled only the left side of his face would move.

"As you can see this eye is not blinking. I can't smile on this side of my face; this nostril will not move. So there's full paralysis on this side of my face," Bieber said in video.