When push came to shove, new Survivor: Vanuatu powerbroker Chris Daugherty decided his friendship with Julie Berry wasn't worth sacrificing the chance to enter the competition's Final 4 with Twila Tanner, the 41-year-old highway repair worker from Marshall, Missouri that he perceived to be less of a physical threat. And as a result, Julie, the 23-year-old youth mentor from Gorham, Maine, was voted out of the game during last evening's Survivor broadcast.

Survivor: Vanuatu's thirteenth episode began with the Alinta tribe returning from Tribal Council after the game's new power foursome of Chris, Twila, Eliza Orlins, and Scout Cloud Lee had held their alliance together to vote out Ami Cusack, the 31-year-old barista from Lakewood, Colorado who had desperately attempted to convince Eliza to instead oust Scout.

Upon returning to camp, Twila made it clear that she was upset that Eliza, the 21-year-old pre-law student from Syracuse, New York, had brought up at Tribal Council that Twila had falsely sworn on her son's name before betraying Ami -- a matter that Ami had also taunted Twila about upon their return from the tribe's previous Tribal Council. "You just keep rubbing salt in the wound," said Twila. "I'm tired of hearing about it, period," she added, before launching into additional vulgar language that both Eliza and and opportunistic Julie termed "uncalled for."

The next morning, Julie began attempting to utilize Eliza's confrontation with Twila to attempt to (similar as Ami had done prior to her ouster) convince Eliza to abandon her alliance with Twila and Scout, the 59-year-old rancher from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Eliza, who throughout the Survivor competition had made no secret of her personal dislike and distrust for Twila and Scout, made it clear to Julie that she was open to the idea -- but only if Julie could convince Chris to also go along with the plan.

At the Reward Challenge, the survivor's discovered that the challenge's theme would be "redemption" -- with the four round challenge featuring events that the survivors had already done as part of Survivor: Vanuatu's previous challenges. The challenge's prize would also be a recycled prize of sorts -- an enhanced overnight version of the volcano-side picnic won by Leann Slaby (who chose Julie to accompany her) in Episode 9.

The final round of the challenge came down to Twila and Julie, with Julie winning the final phase's slingshot competition and therefore winning the challenge. Then, much as Leann had strategically selected Julie in an attempt to determine (given that she had been swapped to the men's tribe) her post-merge loyalties, Julie opted to select Chris, hoping to be able to use the excursion to convince him to betray his alliance with Twila and Scout.

Proving he's no fool, Chris made it clear that he knew exactly why Julie selected him. "It didn't surprise me that she picked me. She wants to go further in the game, and she knows her name's coming up for elimination," he confided in confessional. Sure enough, Julie approached Chris with her proposal during their trip, asking how close he was to Twila and planting the idea that she, Chris, and Eliza ally to oust Twila.

Back at camp, Eliza's issues with Twila and Scout continued with Eliza confronting Twila over the location of some bananas that Twila had buried for "ripening" purposes. After Twila refused to reveal their location, another argument ensued, with Eliza feeling alienated once Scout took Twila's side in the confrontation. "It's just gotten to a point where we cannot hold back anymore," Eliza confessed to the camera. "Especially Twila. She's just so childish and immature."

Returning to the camp the next morning, Chris was immediately forced to separately reassure both Scout and Twila that their Final 4 alliance was still intact. Eliza was also anxious to know how Julie had fared in her attempts to sway Chris, calling Chris over and attempting to feel out Chris' thoughts as to allying with Julie and booting Twila. Seeking to keep his options open, Chris was noncommittal, suggesting only that while the idea was interesting, they could discuss it more after the day's Immunity Challenge.

After assembling for the day's Immunity Challenge, the survivors learned that the challenge would be a local story memory recollection challenge first made famous by Rudy Boesch's "I dunno" comments in Survivor: Pulau Tiga. With all of the survivors having little trouble with the quiz's questions, the challenge quickly became more of a matter of speed and puzzle assembly, resulting in Julie and Eliza quickly jumped out to the lead. With Julie and Eliza tied at four tusks each, Eliza correctly answered her fifth question, sprinting back to the finishing station and claiming her first immunity challenge win.

Returning to camp after the challenge, Chris found himself overwhelmed by both sides seeking assurances as to his voting plans. Twila wandered up nearby as Eliza was again attempting to convince Chris to vote off Twila, once again sparking another confrontation between the two. In the end, Chris decided that, rather than publicly commit to one group or the other and allow the other group a chance to possibly plot with the other to oust him, he'd simply privately tell both camps that he was voting with them -- a decision that left both Twila and Scout and Eliza and Julie confident that their alliance would emerge victorious at the evening's Tribal Council.

In the end, while Eliza voted for Twila, Chris stayed true to his original alliance and voted for Julie, resulting in Julie's ouster from the game via a 3-2 vote.
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Julie, the fourteenth survivor to be ousted from the competition, joins previous bootees Ami Cusack, Leann Slaby, Chad Crittenden, and Lea "Sarge" Masters as the fifth member of the seven-person jury that will ultimately decide who wins Survivor's million dollar prize. Survivor: Vanuatu's season finale will air Sunday, December 12 at 8PM ET/PT.