The holidays can be hectic, but spending them with a loved one can make it easier to survive - and Jeff Probst and Julie Berry know a thing or two about survival.

Survivor host Jeff Probst and his girlfriend Julie Berry, a Survivor:  Vanuatu contestant, were out shopping the day after Christmas at a Target store in South Portland, ME, according to the Portland Press Herald.  The couple even took a break from scanning the shelves to chat with other customers and pose for pictures.

"We keep running into friends of (Berry's) every other aisle," Probst told the Herald Press.

Berry, who appeared in Survivor's ninth season which aired during the fall of 2004, was born and raised in Maine.  She and Probst spent the recent holiday season with her family in Gorham, ME.

"We're just having a fun day out," Berry told the Herald Press during the couple's shopping trip.

It wasn't all fun for Probst and Berry, who began to date following the taping of Survivor:  Vanuatu in August 2004, as the couple also volunteered to serve meals at a Portland soup kitchen on Christmas day.  Probst told the Herald Press that helping at a soup kitchen put the frantic holiday season into perspective for him.

"It's a chance to remember how fortunate you are," he said.

Berry, 26, is currently pursuing her master's degree in counseling at California State University-Northridge.  Probst, 44, recently completed filming Survivor's fourteenth seaon, which takes place in Fiji.  According to Probst, Survivor: Fiji will premiere in February.