Juan Pablo Galavis is reportedly pushing his girlfriend Nikki Ferrell to ditch her career as a pediatric nurse and use her fame to her advantage professionally.

"He wants Nikki to work as a model or TV personality in Miami," a friend told Us Weekly of Galavis, a 32-year-old pro soccer player-turned-entertainment consultant.

However, Ferrell "loves her job."

Galavis, The Bachelor's eighteenth-season star, currently resides in Miami, FL, with his young daughter Camila and family. Meanwhile, Ferrell, 26, lives in Kansas City, MO, but reports have recently circulated she's planning a move so she can be closer to her man.

While filming The Bachelor, Galavis had expressed multiple times he really respected and admired the passion Ferrell had for her job.

"Mi Catira @Nikki_Ferrell LOVES her job and thats ONE of the things I LOVE about her... #NikkiTheNurse," Galavis tweeted earlier this month.

One of Galavis' former flames previously admitted to Us that the single father can be pretty self-centered and usually calls the shots in his relationships. Whether Ferrell will follow suit remains in question.

Since The Bachelor season concluded last month and controversially ended with no proposal or even a love confession from Galavis -- despite Ferrell's repeated admittance of being in love with him -- the couple has apparently been spending a lot of time together and trying to make their long-distance relationship work.