As if being a member of the boy-band N Sync in the late 1990s wasn't bad enough, Joey Fatone was also referred to as "Fat One," a clever play on his last name.  So when the 30-year-old was cast to compete on Dancing with the Stars' fourth season, he decided enough was enough.

"Nobody wants to see a fat guy on the dance floor," Fatone told People in its April 2 issue.  "My big problem is I'm Italian and I love to eat my pasta."

Instead of continuously loading up on the carbs in large portions, Fatone said he decided to try NutriSystem, a plan with pre-measured meals that his wife Kelly had success with several years ago.

"The food is easy to travel with and it tastes good," Fatone told People.

After losing six pounds the first two weeks he used NutriSystem -- Fatone has gone from weighing 239 pounds in mid-February to 219 pounds -- attributing the additional weight loss to five-hour a day, six-day a week rehearsals with his Dancing with the Stars partner Kym Johnson.

"I had no energy.  I'd work out and need a nap," he told People.  "Now I can dance all day."

Fatone's not the only celebrity contestant who's on the Dancing with the Stars weight-loss plan, as People reported former Beverly Hills 90210 actor Ian Ziering has lost 12 pounds; professional boxer Laila Ali has dropped 7 pounds; and country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus has lost 9 pounds.  As for Fatone, he said his goal is to reach 200 pounds by the end of his stint on Dancing with the Stars.

"I have a bit more to go," he told People.  "But this is great.  'Fat One' no more!"