Jenny Delaney definitely didn't leave Arie Luyendyk Jr. feeling like he had made a mistake once she was eliminated from The Bachelor on Monday night's episode.

Jenny, a 25-year-old graphic designer from Chicago, IL, was one of three women denied roses at the second Rose Ceremony of the season.

While bachelorettes typically hug the Bachelor goodbye in the face of rejection -- and often wish him luck on the remainder of his journey to find love -- Jenny gave Arie the cold shoulder and walked by him without even glancing in his direction.

"The second Rose Ceremony was harder than the first. Once again, I really had to go with my instincts and ask myself, 'Can I see myself potentially marrying this person? Do I think what we currently have could eventually turn into love?' It was shocking when Jenny tried to leave without saying goodbye," Arie wrote in his People blog.

"I have to be honest, after watching everything and seeing things I hadn't seen that night, I know I made right choice."

Jenny, although clearly funny and outgoing, was shown making a couple of catty remarks throughout Monday night's episode.

In addition to poking fun at Annaliese Puccini for having "bumper car trauma" stemming from an incident in her childhood, Jenny was also shown expressing surprise that Arie chose to keep a taxidermist -- referring to Kendall Long -- over herself.

Jenny's eyes filled up with tears once Arie announced that her time on the show was over. But she told him that she wasn't sad about the end of their relationship; she was instead depressed about leaving her new girlfriends in the house.

"She's a really great woman who has a lot to offer, but when she said she was upset about saying goodbye to her new friends and not me, I knew my instincts were correct," explained Arie, who also felt Jenny was hesitant to open up to him on the show.

"I feel so grateful to be the Bachelor, but my fear is some of the women are here for the friends or the experience and not because of me," Arie wrote in his blog.

"In moments like that, I feared that this whole thing may not work and that I put my life on pause for nothing. And those fears don't go away. I came here for one reason: to find my future wife. I kept asking myself: Is she here? How do I know?"

In addition to Jenny, Arie also sent Valerie Biles and Lauren Griffin packing during the latest episode. Jenny confessed it was the first time a man had ever broken up with her.