Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin may be a match made in heaven, at least according to fashion designer Rachel Zoe, who caught a glimpse of the pair together when she appeared on the latest episode of The Bachelor.

On Monday night's broadcast of The Bachelor's 22nd season, Arie introduced Becca during his first one-on-one date to Rachel, who in turn gave the bachelorette a handful of dresses to try on for her big date night.

After Arie helped Becca pick out a silver, off-the-shoulder gown, the bachelorette discovered she could take home all five dresses, with one in particular costing over $1,000, according to Entertainment Tonight.

And Rachel confirmed to ET that Arie, a pro racing driver and real estate agent reportedly worth $4 million, actually paid for the gowns himself.

"It was a real like, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman moment that I wished I was living," Rachel gushed to the website, adding that the couple's chemistry was obvious from the start.

"The fact that they just met was bizarre, because they seem very connected. They really did."

Becca said she felt like "Cinderella," especially when Arie dropped the bombshell that he was buying the gowns for her. In that moment, he was ironically helping her step into a shoe.

"I thought I was only going to get the one [dress] for the date tonight," Becca had told ET on the set during filming.

"And then Arie looked at me and was like, 'Well, I want you to have them all.' I think my jaw hit the floor. I got Rachel Zoe's gowns, which are amazing, I got a pair of [designer heels], which cost more than my rent, I think. And I got the kiss... He is such a good kisser... He has pillow lips."

Arie admitted that he was "definitely trying to charm" Becca, a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN.

"When I met Becca that first night, I could tell she was very humble... I knew that first date was going to be a date to spoil one of the ladies and I thought what not a better opportunity than to spoil her, because she's so deserving of it," Arie had told ET.

"There was a lot of chemistry there, so it felt good to share that with her."

Arie added that he saw "potential" for marriage with Becca, mainly because she "exemplifies a lot of qualities I look for in someone."
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By the end of the latest episode, Becca received a rose from Arie and the Bachelor had to eliminate three women from the running for his heart: Valerie Biles, Jenny Delaney, and Lauren Griffin.
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