Jennifer Hudson apparently thinks American Idol has run its course.

Hudson, who only placed seventh during the third season of American Idol back in 2004 in what was considered a shockingly early elimination, said she believes the reality singing competition should choose to go out with a bang rather than continue to slip in the ratings year after year until its no more. 
"Everything has its time," the singer and actress told recently while promoting her film The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete in Los Angeles.

"I think it should just allow itself to go out on top... and gracefully."

While American Idol still beats the viewership of The Voice and The X Factor among other competitors after being on the air for twelve seasons, Hudson is clearly skeptical of how long that may continue for.

However, the singer told the website American Idol is and always will be in a league of its own.

"American Idol changed the face of television," she explained. "So, not everyone can say that. And, it's always been a phenomenon. I'm proud to have come from American Idol, so I just say, go out on top."