Jef Holm is reportedly in negotiations with ABC to become The Bachelor's next star.

"Jef has been in talks with ABC about being the next Bachelor," a source close to Holm told Life & Style.

"He loves fame, so it's no surprise he'd be open to the opportunity. He also really knows how to turn on the charm!"

The former eighth-season The Bachelorette bachelor ended up winning Emily Maynard's heart and proposing to the single mom at the conclusion of her season, which was filmed in May 2012 and aired that July. However, the pair announced they were splitting and ending their engagement in October 2012.

"Viewers remember him and were really invested in his relationship with Emily," the source explained. "She would not be happy about him getting this second shot and it could make for good drama."

The 28-year-old entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT, and Maynard called it quits following two months of reports their relationship had been on the rocks. Some of the speculation had been that Maynard cheated on Holm while other rumors claimed Holm was just hungry for the limelight and had also allegedly attempted to reconcile with a girlfriend he had dated prior to leaving to appear on The Bachelorette after he got engaged to Maynard.

But the couple apparently reunited and decided to give their relationship another shot in mid-December when Holm returned to Maynard's hometown of Charlotte, NC on business for his water company. They had both reportedly been dating other people at the time.

However, a source close to Maynard told Us Weekly in late December the former The Bachelorette star was done with Holm and wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

"He's tried calling, but she hasn't answered. She was so in love with him, and he crushed her," the source said at the time.