Bethenny Frankel might've given a little too much away when talking to Andy Cohen about her divorce from Jason Hoppy because now he's seeing if he can make a case against her in court.

Hoppy's attorney Bernard Clair told Us Weekly in a statement that the both of them were "more than a bit surprised and troubled over the personal and private details articulated by Ms. Frankel about the marriage and its demise."

Clair therefore pointed out they've been "exploring their legal options."

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Sunday, Frankel basically told Cohen her marriage fell apart because she was the breadwinner. Frankel and Hoppy, both 44, have ensued in a brutal divorce and custody battle since early 2013. They initially separated in December 2012.

"The power struggle between men and women [exists]," The Real Housewives of New York City star explained on the Bravo talk show, according to Us.

"And [it is hard] when the woman is the breadwinner. I think fame, attention, and money does not bring out the best in everybody. I think that money, in many ways, is the root of all evil."

Money wasn't the only factor in their breakup, according to Frankel, but things might've spiraled out from there.

"I write about mutual respect," Frankel said, referring to her new book I Suck at Relationships So You Don't Have To.

"People should be in relationships with people that really accept them and understand them... [Jason and I] brushed [issues] under the rug. Cracks become craters. Little things that you see in your relationships and your friendships... I feel like in our personal lives, we [women] don't [acknowledge them]. I think men are just better about that than women."

However, Frankel -- who recently split from her latest boyfriend Michael "Mac" Cerussi III -- reportedly tried to avoid an unflattering rant when opening up to Cohen because of her four-year-old daughter Bryn with Hoppy.

"I don't want to come in here and start trashing the situation. It's not good for anyone and it doesn't help anyone. My daughter's the most important one... I made an important decision to really just not dive in the mud," Frankel said, adding that she'll never legally wed again.

While custody of Bryn is reportedly no longer a problem for the pair, Frankel and Hoppy are still finalizing other aspects of their divorce and sharing an apartment in New York City.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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