Jade Beazley went on a two-on-one date with The Bachelor eleventh-season star Brad Womack and one of her arch nemeses on the show, however she never returned.

The 24-year-old boutique sales worker from Nashville, TN was one of three women who failed to receive a rose from Brad during The Bachelor 11's fourth episode Monday night on ABC.

On Wednesday, Jade spoke with Reality TV World about her first impressions of "the sexiest Bachelor yet;" why she seemed to constantly butt heads with two of the other bachelorettes; what led to her decision to take the high road during her two-on-one date; and which of the six remaining suitor she'd like to see win Brad's heart.

Reality TV World:   How were you cast for The Bachelor?  Had you applied for the show before?

Jade:  No, I've never applied to the show before.  One of my girlfriends was auditioning, and asked me to do it with her.

Reality TV World:   What were your expectations going into the audition, and then once you were cast, going into the show?

Jade:  Honestly I had no idea.  I had only seen about five or six episodes of the show before (laughing).  So I didn't know what to expect.  I was really hoping that it wouldn't be a lot of drama (laughing).

Reality TV World:  Did you go into it looking for a relationship?

Jade:  I just thought it was a really good opportunity.  If something came of it -- if I had a connection -- that would be so cool.  I honestly didn't know what to expect.  I certainly didn't expect for him to be so cute (laughing)!

Reality TV World:   That leads perfectly into my next question.  What were your first impressions of Brad?

Jade:  The first thing that I -- and probably every other girl -- noticed, was how blue his eyes were (laughing).  And I was really hoping he'd be really tall because I'm pretty tall as well.

Reality TV World:  What were your impressions of his personality?

Jade:  He was so polite, very gentlemanly.  I could tell he was nervous.  It was the first night.  Then of course as we got to hang-out with him -- went to the racetrack and stuff -- he's very nice.  He's such a gentleman.

Reality TV World:   Some of the previous bachelors who have appeared on the show have had their "sincerity" questioned.  Do you think Brad was sincere about wanting to find a wife on The Bachelor?
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Jade:  Yeah I really do.  As much as he talked about his family and how his brothers are happily married and how he really just wants that, I really think he's genuine about wanting to find someone.

Reality TV World:   Following your first group date with Brad, you described DeAnna as the "frontrunner."  What made you think that? 

Jade:  I really think it was just because he gave her the rose [from that group date].  We got to see how she interacted [with Brad], and so yeah I just noticed it.

Reality TV World:   You were the one who told Brad about Jenni taking her modeling portfolio into the house, which led Brad to comment how "some of these ladies might be here for the wrong reasons."  What prompted you to tell Brad about Jenni's modeling portfolio and do you think she's in the competition to find love?

Jade:  I hadn't had a lot of time to spend with Jenni and unfortunately after this whole thing happened I had a lot of time with her in the house, since the dates were different and stuff, we were finally in the house.  Afterwards, I really do think she's in the competition to find someone.  I really do think that she dove headfirst right into the whole situation.  She's just totally giddy about talking to him and stuff.

Unfortunately for me, I did not realize that ahead of time.  I didn't tell him that it was directly [Jenni who had the modeling portfolio].  But I did know that there were some girls -- who I won't name -- that have come into the competition to boost their careers, as there is every season.

Reality TV World:    Based on that I don't know if you'll answer this question, but you won't single out any of the women you thought weren't there "for the right reasons?"

Jade:  No, I don't want to do that (laughing).

Reality TV World:  But you do think there are some there?

Jade:  Yes.

Reality TV World:   Were you able to tell it was Brad's identical twin brother Chad that was talking to you before the Rose Ceremony?

Jade:  Honestly, I didn't think they looked that much alike (laughing).

Reality TV World:  Really.  So you were able to tell them apart?

Jade:  I thought they looked like brothers, but I didn't realize they were twins.

Reality TV World:  So you got to meet Chad that night.

Jade:  Yeah, we got to meet him like towards the end.

Reality TV World:   You actually seemed to butt heads with both DeAnna and McCarten, and complained about how it "sucks" the way they talk to the other bachelorettes.  What did you mean by that?  How did you think they were addressing the other girls?

Jade:  I don't know if they [DeAnna and McCarten] were maybe trying to create drama.  I don't what their intention behind it was, but the way they asked questions towards people was very abrasive.   Almost like accusing, like they were trying to get you to say something specific and mean.  That's just not how most of us act.

If I were to say, "I want to go on a two-on-one date with McCarten because I know that I would get a rose over her," that's just kind of a mean thing to say, and I wouldn't answer that kind of question towards them.  They asked that question towards us and nobody would really answer.

Reality TV World:  Do you think the other bachelorettes felt the same way about DeAnna and McCarten?

Jade:  Most likely yeah.  I just happened to be the more outspoken (laughing).

Reality TV World:   What was your initial reaction when you learned you'd be accompanying Brad on the two-on-one date, knowing there was a chance you might not return?

Jade:  (laughing)  I thought, "This sucks to have to go on a two-on-one with DeAnna."  I know that she turns on this charm whenever she's around him.  She turns into a Southern belle-type person.  So I was really just hoping that he would see through that.

Reality TV World:   Yeah, you made a similar comment following your elimination.  You said how you "really wish Brad could have seen through [DeAnna]."  What did you mean by that?  What were you hoping he would see?

Jade:  I think it shows sometimes, especially that third episode I guess.  You could see her starting to become a little bit abrasive, and the way she acted towards myself and others was a lot different than the way she acted in-front of him.

Reality TV World:  Do you think Brad will ever pick-up on that?

Jade:  I hope so (laughing).  I really hope so, for his sake.

Reality TV World:   It seemed like DeAnna dominated the conversation on the two-on-one date.  Do you think that was the case, and if so, why didn't you jump in?

Jade:  Everything I said, she had something to say that seemed like she was trying to top everything -- everything -- every time I said something I didn't even get to finish my stories because she would interrupt it and say something better or whatever.  I didn't feel like having a fight, like going back and forth, that's not a conversation to me.  I just decided to back down a little bit.  I didn't want it to come-off like we were feuding in-front of him.  There's no need to bring him into the drama and make him uncomfortable.

Reality TV World:  Do you regret your decision to back down?

Jade:  No, that's my personality.  I would never... I mean that's between me and her.  I would never want to argue in-front of him.  I feel like that's kind of tacky.  I would still probably back down.

Reality TV World:   You said you were "shocked" Brad decided to give DeAnna the rose.  Could you explain why you were so surprised?

Jade:  It's not so much... I knew, especially the way the conversation was going and she was kind of taking control of everything.  I kind of had an idea that she was going to get it.  But I was just shocked that it's so hard to see through her.  She puts on a real good facade when she's in-front of him.

Reality TV World:   Did Brad ever explain why he chose to eliminate you?

Jade:  No he didn't... I saw it once I saw the show, but that's it.

Reality TV World:  Brad explained that he had more of a romantic connection with DeAnna.  Is that the way you took it?

Jade:  Yeah.

Reality TV World:   I know she revealed it to the other bachelorettes after you had already been eliminated on your two-on-one date, but were you aware of all the Bettina divorce-drama stuff that was going on?

Jade:  No I really wasn't.  I had no idea!

Reality TV World:  Was it surprising when you saw it play-out in the episode?

Jade:  Yeah.  She was very reserved when she was in the house, and then once the sailboat date happened [which is when Bettina privately told Brad about her divorce], she kind of came out of her shell a little bit.  I think she had a huge burden lifted off of her.

Reality TV World:  Knowing Brad and Bettina, do you think it influenced his opinion of her?

Jade:  I think he's a good enough guy that he can try really hard not to let that affect his opinion.

Reality TV World:    Anybody you'd like to see win Brad's heart?  Anybody you don't want to see win?

Jade:  Well obviously I don't want DeAnna to do well (laughing).

I was really good friends with Hillary in the house.  But coming up next week, I know she's not going to make that. I wanted her to do well because she's got a great personality.

[Monday night's preview of next week's The Bachelor episode included footage of an extremely emotional Hillary crying and a voiceover that urged viewers not to miss the "dramatic exit" in which "Hillary leaves the show."] 

So I guess my final... I think Jenni will do really well.  Her and Brad just seem to have a really good connection and she seems to genuinely like him.

Reality TV World:   Are you currently dating anyone?

Jade:  Oh no.

Reality TV World:  Did The Bachelor change the way you approach dating?

Jade:  If something comes my way that's fine.  I'm not gonna go seek something.  If it happens, it happens.

Reality TV World:   So what's next for you?

Jade:  I'm just working... Being normal I guess.  It's been really nice (laughing).  My friends kind of poke at me a little bit about [appearing on The Bachelor].  They want to throw parties, and watch The Bachelor and all that stuff.  I'm just working, spending a lot of time with my family.  I traveled a couple places to see some friends.