Howard Stern says he's still unsure whether he'll reprise his judging role on America's Got Talent after appearing on the show this past season.

"I'm still working on the decision about America's Got Talent," the seventh-season judge told E! News in regards to whether he'll return to the NBC reality talent competition for its upcoming eighth edition. "You know, like the Magic 8 Ball, the answer is still fuzzy. I'm thinking about it, though, I'm thinking about it seriously."

"I would love to see him again!" Stern's wife Beth Ostrosky added, saying she enjoyed watching her husband on TV while in bed with her cats.

If Stern opts to leave the show, NBC will be forced to find two new members to join Howie Mandel on America's Got Talent's judging panel, as fellow judge Sharon Osbourne announced she was quitting the series in August.

Although he came onto America's Got Talent as a criticized and controversial figure, Stern told E! News his blunt personality is what's made him successful.

"I never worried in my career about what people thought or my reputation. I always did what I thought was funny. Some people liked it, some didn't. That's how you become a top performer," the radio personality explained.

"You've got to be original. You can't sit and look at focus groups. You can't read your comments on Twitter. You've got to go ahead and do what's true to your heart, and that's what I tell people on America's Got Talent. It's really the basic truth: You just have to go ahead and do what you think is right."

America's Got Talent's seventh season concluded in September with Olate Dogs being crowned the winning act. Simon Cowell has reportedly wanted actress and former reality TV star Carmen Electra to become a new judge on the show for awhile now.