June "Mama June" Shannon is reportedly being dishonest with her denials that she has not been dating convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel.

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star has publicly denied she's dating McDaniel, who allegedly molested her eight-year-old relative and just got out of prison in March after serving 10 years in jail for the crime, however TLC doesn't believe her claims, TMZ reported.

TLC canceled the reality series on Friday, just a day after the initial reports Shannon is allegedly involved with the child molester, who has been a registered sex offender since his release in March. The network reportedly has "compelling evidence" the couple is together despite Shannon's insistence she hasn't even seen the guy in 10 years.

In addition to a photo TMZ obtained of Shannon and McDaniel lying together in a hotel room bed, the reality TV star reportedly tried to buy him a used car last month. Shannon allegedly claimed she was buying a car for her daughter, when instead, she was secretly shopping different dealerships for McDaniel.

TMZ also obtained and published several photos of Shannon and McDaniel house hunting in Hampton, GA last month and appearing to hold hands as they toured the interior of a large, empty house together.

"The statement of me dating a sex offender is totally untrue. Pumpkin has openly said that I did not -- that I'm not dating him and also his son," Shannon, who split from Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson in September, claimed in a Friday Facebook post. "I would not ever, ever, ever put my kids in danger. I love my kids too much."

Law enforcement and children's services have also been notified, according to the website.