Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon says her children are the reason why she's doing the TLC reality series.

"I love to be around my kids and it's all about my kids," Shannon told host Jimmy Kimmel during a Monday night appearance on his Jimmy Kimmel Live show with daughter Alana Thompson.

Shannon, the self-described manager and agent for little beauty queen Alana and her clan, said the money her family is making from starring in the popular series is either being saved or donated. 

"I know what's best for my kids. That's why I chose to put money in the trust funds, because this journey may last six months or it might last a year, but I don't want 10 years down the road Alana or any of the kids to be thinking, 'Oh my God, I have nothing to show for it.' So I wanted to put it in trust funds very equally for all the kids. So most of the money is there, and the other money goes to our community outreach program... that we raise for the anti-bullying," she explained.

Shannon also took a moment to thank the fans who have contributed to the outreach program.

"Thanks to the fans, we have raised $3,228 as of today. They're very supportive," added Shannon.

During the appearance, Kimmel also noted Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's ratings are comparable to those of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- which racks in millions of dollars for the Kardashian family -- however, Shannon noted her own clan isn't making that kind of dough yet.

"I have a feeling eventually you are going to be multi-millionaires. You know, I looked it up because I was curious to compare... the Kardashians are making millions of dollars, and your show is just about as popular... Are you guys making millions of dollars too?" Kimmel asked Shannon.

"No, we actually just started out. So, you don't make millions when you first start out," Shannon replied.

"Well, I would like to be your agent and I would like to negotiate this stuff for you," Kimmel said.

"No, I am the agent, the manager and all of this," Shannon explained.

"Oh all of that?! That's why you're not making millions of dollars," Kimmel joked.
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While the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo stars' reality show earnings -- which has recently been reported to be $15-$20,000 per episode -- apparently goes to trust funds or charity, Thompson at least gets to spend a little cash when she desires.

"She don't really get allowance [except for] when she goes to the store," Shannon said.

"Like if I want to go to the store, she gives me my own money. I buy some candy or somethin' to eat," Thompson added.