Hell's Kitchen crowned Nona Sivley, a 29-year-old sous chef who currently resides in Loganville, GA, the Fox culinary competition's eighth-season winner during Wednesday night's finale broadcast.

"My door opened! It opened! This is nuts! I fought and I fought and I fought and this is just amazing. I'm so thankful. This was a huge sacrifice -- missing my son's first birthday, missing her first steps -- it's absolutely worth it to make his life better," Nona said in tears after discovering she had won Hell's Kitchen's eighth season.

As the eighth season's winner, Nona won a $250,000 head chef position at the restaurant LA Market and a spokesperson position for Rosemount winery.

"When Hell's Kitchen first started, I used to say 'No, no no' to Nona. After every service, she improved dramatically," Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay said. "And then I was saying 'Yes, yes yes.' She has a phenomenal pallet and a real passion for cooking, so all of America will be saying 'yes' with me when they see her excel as the head chef of LA Market."

Nona defeated Russell Kook II, a 29-year-old sous chef who currently resides in Chicago, IL, during last night's Hell's Kitchen finale broadcast.

"You have done an amazing job... look at me, you keep that up, okay?" Gordon consoled Russell after Nona's victory was revealed.

Russell didn't take the news of loss to Nona well, and blamed much of it on the show's previously eliminated contestants who were on his team when preparing his five-course menu. 

"I'm pissed. I'm not happy at all... I chose the team that I wanted. I thought they would help me win and in fact, they helped me lose. So, thanks a lot guys! You will never get a job in any city I work in. I'm definitely going to black-ball you guys because you guys f--ked me so royally tonight," he said.