Jane Bright learned the hard way not to "count your chickens before they hatch," as the alliance she trusted and relied on so heavily to bring her to the end jointly decided to vote her out instead.

Jane, a 56-year-old dog trainer from Jackson Springs, NC, became the fifteenth castaway eliminated from Survivor: Nicaragua and the thirteenth member voted out of the competition during Wednesday night's broadcast of the 21st edition of the CBS reality competition.

"You find out really fast what people's true colors are out here. Sash is a big ass liar. Holly, I lost total respect for her. And then there's Chase, my buddy in crime, I'm just very disappointed in him because he always promised to take me to the end. I can't believe Chase decided to turn on me, but that's Survivor!," Jane said following her ouster.

Survivor: Nicaragua's thirteenth episode began on Night 32 following that night's elimination of Ben "Benry" Henry, a 24-year-old club promoter from Los Angeles, CA, who the remaining castaways had considered a big threat. 

Benry's exit seemingly left two alliances -- Chase Rice, Holly Hoffman, Sash Lenahan, and Jane Bright being one, and Jud "Fabio" Birza and Dan Lembo being the other.

On Day 33, the six remaining castaways received home videos from their loved ones via cell phone -- a prelude to what was coming later that day.

Afterward, Fabio, a 21-year-old student from Venice, CA, and Chase, a 24-year-old professional race car jackman from Fairview, NC, discussed how they would choose each other to take on reward along with Sash, a 30-year-old real estate broker from New York, NY, if they won the next Reward Challenge.

The castaways arrived later for the Reward Challenge where they were met by the Survivor host Jeff Probst, who had a surprise in store for them. Each remaining castaway got reunited with one member of his or her family -- initiating some strong emotional reactions -- especially from Fabio, Dan and Holly who broke down in joyful tears.

After the castaways and their loved ones exchanged hugs and hellos, Jeff explained the rules of the Reward Challenge. The survivors were required to run up a plank, jump into the water, retrieve a bag of letter tiles, and race it back to give to their loved ones. They then had to return and get a second bag, after which the family members used the tiles from both bags to solve a puzzle that would reveal a familiar phrase.

The winner of the Reward Challenge won the opportunity to spend the rest of the day sailing down the coast of Nicaragua, where they would enjoy a big meal and be accompanied by their loved ones, affording them the chance to spend more time with one another.

Chase and his mother completed the task and solved the puzzle first, winning the Reward Challenge.

Jeff then revealed Chase could choose one person and his or her family member to take with him, and he opted to take Sash and his mother. Jeff then told him he could decide to take one more person with him, and he chose Holly, a 44-year-old swim coach from Eureka, SD, and her husband.
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Chase's decision to take the other two members of his alliance and leave out Jane struck a nerve with her as she said she was disappointed about not getting picked. 

Chase's decision also greatly upset Fabio, who Chase promised to take on the next reward. Fabio claimed he rarely ever gets to see his mother because they live in different states, and couldn't believe Chase would go back on his word.

While Chase, Holly and Sash went off to enjoy their reward, Dan and Fabio talked about Chase back at camp. They decided Chase sucks up to Holly, while Fabio said he "straight up lied to him." Jane then joined the conversation and noted that Chase had made a million dollar mistake and didn't act like a true friend because of who he chose not to take on the reward. 

Afterward, Jane mentioned her concerns about how she was the fourth person in a four-way alliance with Holly, Chase and Sash.

Meanwhile on the reward, Chase, Holly and Sash discussed how they planned to be the game's final three castaways and must stick to that plan. However, Chase also told Holly and Sash they should decide to get rid of Fabio next because he was a major threat in the competition and was outside of their alliance.

That night on Day 33, the three castaways returned from their reward, and Chase immediately confronted Fabio apologizing for his decision not to share the reward with him. Fabio said he was mad that Chase got four rewards in a row, but acknowledged afterward that he shouldn't hold any grudges during the game because they could come back to bite him. Fabio then realized it may be necessary for him to win immunity in the next Immunity Challenge to remain in the game.

On Day 36, the castaways arrived at the Immunity Challenge and Jeff explained the rules.

They each would be blindfolded and required to make their way over and under a series of pitching rails to a station where they would find a shield with several symbols on it. Using only their sense of touch, they must memorize the symbols. They would then have to grab the bag of matching symbols and head back to the start, where they must use those symbols to create a matching shield. However, some of the symbols would feel right to them but would not technically match.

The first person to get all of his or her symbols in the right spots on the shield would win immunity and a one-in-five shot to win the million dollars.

Fabio fought to complete the shield faster than Chase, who was tagging closely behind him, but Fabio finished first after putting all the symbols into place and won the Immunity Challenge.

After the castaways got back to camp, Sash said his alliance wanted their biggest threat, Fabio, to go home, but since he won immunity and could not possibly be voted out, they had to determine who would be the next to go instead.

Chase and Fabio talked about who they should vote for, and although Chase thought Dan was "done" in the competition, Fabio said he wanted to actually vote Jane off first, followed by Dan the next day. Fabio got frustrated with Chase because he believed Jane had to go no matter what, but Chase was being too stubborn and not thinking with his head. 

Sash and Chase then had a conversation, where Sash said they had to vote Jane out eventually because being in the final jury vote with her would be devastating. Shortly after, Holly joined the discussion and asked if they should take Jane to the final four. Sash iterated that their plan was for Chase, Holly and himself to be the final three, and that they should vote for Jane while they could to ensure that.

Meanwhile, Jane was standing close by the three castaways as they were conspiring, and she decided to walk over and include herself in the conversation. Tension was high as Jane came straight out and asked the questions Chase, Holly and Sash were assumably hoping to avoid when speaking face-to-face with her.

"I just want to make sure we're still four people," Jane told her alliance.

"Somebody has to go tonight. It's hard and..." Holly began.

"Are we still voting Dan out? That's what I'm asking, or had it changed?" Jane questioned.

"That's what we need to discuss," Chase replied.

After a moment of awkward silence, Jane asked what she thought seemed obvious at the time.

"So, is it me?" Jane asked.

Chase was quick to push the blame off him and make it appear as if they decision was on Holly and Sash.

"So is that what we decided? Cuz ya'll know I don't want to do it, but, is that what you all are dead set on?" Chase asked Holly and Sash.

"It's not easy you guys," Holly noted.

"Ya'll been conniving this the whole time," Jane insinuated.

Her previous alliance found no reason to lie to her, and admitted their plans for Tribal Council.

"Yes there has been discussion about voting you out," Chase responded.

"The truth is, the three of us think that you could beat all of us for the million dollars in the end," Sash said.

Jane ended the conversation with a raised middle finger, representing how she felt about the alliance she trusted had her back.

Jane then spoke about how disappointed and angry she was at her alliance for turning on her, calling them "back-stabbers," "cheats" and "liars." She asked Sash to not even look at her and said she never stabbed anyone in the back during the whole game. Jane was very proud of the way she played the game, and although it looked hopeless for her, she said she was not going to give up.

"The wrath of Jane will break out tonight," Jane said.

Jane then poured water over the fire that she had started to get her point across that if she was the one to make the fire, she sure will be the one to put it out.

The six remaining castaways arrived for Tribal Council that night, and Jane said there was no loyalty in the vote. She called out Holly for stealing and destroying Dan's $1,400 shoes in the game's opening days, and said her alliance was be throwing her under the bus. Jane then admitted her previous four-way alliance planned to vote Fabio and Dan off following Benry's ouster.

The truth then kept spilling out, as Chase said they would vote off whoever was the next person to not win immunity -- pointing obvious fingers at Dan or Fabio -- and Holly and Sash agreed.

Jeff then came right out and suggested Jane, Dan and Fabio should make their own new alliance to counteract the votes from Holly, Sash and Chase. In agreeance, Jane said she, Dan and Fabio should vote out Holly because Sash and Chase both had hidden Immunity Idols they were likely to play given this was their last chance to use them.

Dan conformed and also believed it would make sense to form an alliance with Fabio and Jane. Fabio, without coming right out and saying he would join the proposed alliance, claimed it was important for him to make the best out of the pieces that were left for him.

Chase said afterward that he was flat out confused, and the shifts in gameplaying resulted in Chase and Sash both deciding to play their hidden Immunity Idols before the person eliminated was revealed so if anyone voted for Chase or Sash, their votes would be irrelevant and discounted.

Jeff then announced that Jane received four votes right off the bat, which was enough to constitute for her elimination.

Everyone voted for Jane in the end, and Jane chose to vote for Sash. Her elimination came as no surprise to her. Jane's torch was then snuffed, she wished the remaining castaways a seemingly sarcastic "good luck" and left Tribal Council.