Despite her recent split for boyfriend Martin Kristen, Heidi Klum has not returned to the arms of her ex-husband, Seal.

"Seal and Heidi have not reunited as a couple," Seal's rep said. "Their children will always be their priority, and their focus remains on co-parenting."

Klum and Kristen were seen at a lawyer's office in Los Angeles earlier this month, reportedly dissolving a guardianship agreement.

"Martin had the right to make decisions about the kids if they ever got sick while she was traveling," a source said.

But Klum and Seal, who are themselves going through a divorce, aren't rekindling their relationship. The pair announced they were separating in January 2012 after seven years of marriage.

They have three children together, Henry, Johan and Lou, and Seal is the adoptive father of Klum's daughter Leni.