Hali Ford is still in the running for Survivor: Game Changers' $1 million grand prize.

Hali, a 26-year-old attorney from San Francisco, CA, was a law student when she first appeared on Survivor in 2015.

Survivor: Game Changers, filmed in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji in June and July 2016, is heading into the merge, which means it's make or break time for Hali on the next April 19 episode.

Following two tribal swaps, Hali is currently on the Mana tribe with Michaela Bradshaw, Aubry Bracco, Brad Culpepper, Cirie Fields, Troy "Troyzan" Robertson, and Sierra Dawn Thomas.

Below is a list of six facts Reality TV World has compiled about Hali Ford:

- Hali previously played on Season 30, Survivor: Worlds Apart, and finished in 11th place when she was 25-years-old.

- Hali was the eighth castaway voted out of the game via 7-4 votes on Night 21 after her majority alliance of seven players, comprised mostly of former Blue Collar tribemates, targeted her to split up her No Collars tripod with Joe Anglim and Jenn Brown.

- The castaway graduated from Samford University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2011 and received her law degree from University of California in 2015.

- Hali was completely blindsided by her Survivor: Worlds Apart ouster because she was hoping the girls would come together in an alliance. She told Reality TV World her biggest mistake in the game, however, was showing everyone how close she was to her BFF Jenn.

- Before filming Game Changers, Hali said she wanted to stay under the radar for as long as possible and make moves in the game she could be proud of. She hoped to build confidence and utilize old tricks she had studied. 

- Hali loves spending time with her dad, and that time typically consists of attending gun shows, watching space movies and/or gold digging.