Dubbed to have great bone structure but a "vacuous" look, Gina, a 21-year-old translator from Tampa, FL, became the fourth girl eliminated from the sixth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of the UPN reality show.

Top Model 6's fifth episode began with the ten remaining girls returning back the house after Kari was sent home during last episode's elimination ceremony. As the other member of the ceremony's bottom two, Gina was still in shock from surviving the cut. Also not helping her ability to focus was Jade, who continued her aggressive behavior against Gina.

The next morning, the girls had a surprise visit with former Top Model judge Janice Dickinson, who provided them with lesson in posing and explained the difference between commercial and editorial looks. With help from former Top Model 5 contestant Lisa D'Amato, Dickinson exhibited different poses that could be used. Gina asked Janice for advice on how to take a convincing photo. This inspired Janice to further Gina's lesson and asked her to jump up and down on one foot and laugh aloud to help attain the feel of realistic emotion. "Gina doesn't know how to laugh at herself," remarked Janice. "She has a problem feeling comfortable and confident [and] making any pose stick."

That night at dinner, tempers flared when Janice tempted Gina to admit who was giving her a hard time in the house. After gentle prodding from Janice, Gina finally pointed the finger at Jade -- something that neither Jade or Janice herself appreciated. "No matter what -- Rule #1, we never rat out our bitches -- zip it!," Janice (who perhaps had already enjoyed one too many cocktails) yelled at Gina as she told her to go back to her seat at the table. "Zip it bitch, zip it, you're dead in my book." she added as Gina tried to respond. Gina broke into tears on the ride home, upset at Janice's comments.

The next day, the girls traveled to LightSpace Studios and met male model Lawrence Zarian, who challenged them to use the skills that they had learned the previous day in a commercial shoot for Sears. Gina's insecurity was obvious during the shoot, as she seemed nervous posing in front of Jade, who she knew would criticize her photos. In the end, Lawrence and photographer Russell Baer decided that Nnenna had won the challenge. As her reward, Nnenna was given all of the outfits that the girls wore during the shoot.

The following morning, the girls met Tyra Banks backstage at her talk show to share what their future career goals would be after modeling. The career paths that each chose became the theme of that day's photo shoot, during which the girls were challenged to use the editorial poses that they had learned from Janice. Gina struggled to capture the editorial look for her goal of becoming a fashion designer, prompting Jay to stop the shoot. "You look incredible, but he is stealing the shot," Jay explained to Gina in reference to her male accessory. "If I had to publish this picture, I would crop you right out."

During the week's elimination ceremony, the judges challenged the girls to show three different commercial poses using the clothes they were wearing and then asked them to pose in edgy editorial poses using a firefighter's uniform. As with the previous two challenges, Gina struggled to make a good impression and when asked by Tyra how she felt she did in her photo shoot, she replied, "I don't think I did that hot." She was soon after eliminated from the competition.

"Your face is one of the favorite faces of the judges -- they constantly talk about your high cheekbones -- but they feel like there's something that's a little vacuous, that's doesn't connect," Tyra remarked to Gina seconds before revealing her elimination.